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Aquia Harbour

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Aquia Harbour is the premier gated community of Stafford County, Virginia. We are located approximately 45 miles south of Washington DC, 15 miles north of Fredericksburg and 70 miles north of Richmond. The historic Aquia Creek runs through our community providing a year-round navigable waterway leading to the Potomac River and on to the Chesapeake Bay. Beautiful woodlands surround our homes and give the community the feel of a delightful country setting. “The Harbour”, as we often refer to our community, encompasses over 2,000 acres including 400 acres of protected wetlands. Wildlife abounds; you can watch osprey fish the creek and see deer feeding in the surrounding forest. We are far enough away from the city to see a myriad of stars light the evening skies but close enough to be visiting the sites of Washington, DC in under an hour.

webmaster contact: ahpoa@aquiaharbour.org

1221 Washington Drive, Stafford, VA  22554  (540) 659-3050

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Aurie asked me to post this here for him.


Police Department

Just one short note on the weather before I go any farther. It is cooler this week but the past two weeks have been truly amazing for January. I received an e-mail from a cousin in upstate New York last week containing an article she writes for a local paper. In the article she made the comment that the weather (even in Yankee Land) had been exceptionally warm and pleasant and that it reminded her of eating chocolate while on a diet. It can give you a great feeling but also make you feel terribly guilty for enjoying it so much. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the weather without feeling too guilty. Don’t forget we are still going to have winter.

Today I am sitting down to write an article for the Harbour View that I didn’t expect to write for another two years. On January 7th I was removed from my position as your Chief of Police and am no longer associated with Aquia Harbour. The action was not a total...
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Chief Schwarting has moved on to other pursuits. While a search is underway for a new Chief of Police, Jimmy VanDevender will temporarily stand in.

Many thanks to Aurie for his time with us.

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I would like to suggest planning a big event or carnival or something to bring our community back together. It seems the more I read these posts the more I feel that people just dont speak with one another. I understand that we all have busy lives, but I still take the time to speak with my neighbors and help out when possible. I have lived in Aquia since 2001 and enjoy the community very much, but feel as though sometimes there is a lack of community. Unfortunately I believe it is world wide but I would like to help plan an event that everyone can be a part of. I know there was the dog park, movie nights, marina events, horse shows, but I think we need something else to bring us together. Maybe I have missed something, but from my readings of the posting I just feel people can complain and complain via the internet, but since there is little face to face interaction community, the help your neighbor attitude is missing. Please let me know and Im sure you will if I am off, but...