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Resolution - Long Term Compliance

Apr 11, 2014
Resolution - Long Term Compliance
    Adopted by the Board of Directors on June 22, 2011.

    WHEREAS: The Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association (AHPOA) is responsible under the Articles of Incorporation for the provision of rules and requirements for membership in the Association and for the provision of rules and regulations for the maintenance, upkeep and enhancement of each owner's property to the end that the same may inure to the benefit of the property of the members of the Association.

    AND WHEREAS: The Aquia Legal Compliance Committee (ALCC) has as its sole purpose the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors of the AHPOA and, unless vested in another authority, the restrictive Covenants which apply to the subdivision as recorded in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Stafford County, Virginia by anyone, whether active or inactive member, a guest thereof, the developer or a contractor.

    AND WHEREAS: The ALCC in the completion of its purpose may assess monetary charges (currently $10 per day) to members of the association, the developer, contractors and guests of same for non compliance with the rules and regulations.

    AND WHEREAS: ALCC cases for non compliance may accrue assessments for only 90 days for the specified violation before a new case must be initiated.

    AND WHEREAS: The situation now exists that certain property owners have multiple cases outstanding wherein the original violation identified by the ALCC has not been resolved, resulting in long term degradation to the appearance and pride of the neighborhood.

    BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED: Effective upon the date this resolution is adopted by the AHPOA Board of Directors, upon commencement of the fifth consecutive case against any individual or property owner for an unresolved violation, the AHPOA will commence seeking legal remedies to collect all monetary sums due or subsequently due the AHPOA. The individual or property owner will be notified in writing such action has begun.
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