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9/26/18 - GM Notes

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Office, Sep 27, 2018.

  • by Office, Sep 27, 2018 at 9:14 AM
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    Office Business Office

    GM Notes

    Regular Board Meeting

    September 26, 2018


    Open 30 (2) – A resident spoke about the importance of residents keeping their ditches clear especially in light of all the severe weather we’ve had. She also suggested that we take a more reserved approach to the balance of the recycle funds now that they are ending and suggested that we don’t need a website with all of the bells and whistles. Joseph Hoyt spoke about running for the Board as a write-in candidate.

    Legislative Update – Mr. Cavalier assisted us regarding our second lane. The plans will need to be resubmitted one more time with one adjustment, then we can get started on it.

    Directors Comments – A thank you to Mr. Hoyt and anyone else considering running as a write in so we can seat a full Board in October. A nod to Maintenance and Roads & Grounds for all of the pre-storm prep that was done. A reminder of Oktoberfest this Saturday. The bow qualifications went well and riparian rights were secured for our duck and deer blinds. Volunteers are still needed for Oktoberfest – please contact the CEC if you can help email ahcec.chair@yahoo.com. The website has been tabled until FY20 citing belt-tightening and is not on the agenda tonight.

    Treasurer – 4, 558,000 on deposit. $79k in new projects $152k in dredging.


    New School Year Kick Off – Went very well. We’re still having trouble with people trying to “beat” buses but the PD is paying close attention.

    Green Aquia Creek Clean Up – A great job by Green Aquia, The Marina crew and many volunteers in ridding the creek of logs and debris.

    Remembering 9-11 – Residents flew the stars and stripes over I95 in remembrance and honor of this day.

    FY20 Budget Process – Underway. Managers meet with the GM over the next weeks to submit their drafts. The Finance Committee will be appointed in October. If you are interested in being considered for this committee please contact kshaw@aquiaharbour.org

    Paving & Striping – All paving for this year is complete and looks fabulous! Striping will continue as dry weather permits and reclamite will follow. Yes – the lines are straight!

    Hurricane Florence Collection – Residents were incredibly generous donating to the collection site for hurricane victims.

    Front Entrance – Just waiting on the County to say WHEN.

    Reserve Study Underway - The Reserve agent was very pleased with our paving and reclamite plan and with our building replacement over the last 5 years – all accomplished without financing. The reserve study should be ready next month.

    New Payment Plan Formula – A new payment plan formula insures that residents who have fallen behind can catch up and stay current on active dues.

    Trash Contract Adjustment – Trash fees went up and we will no longer be getting a revenue share for recyclables but WE WILL STILL BE RECYCLING.

    Board of Directors

    (V) Telephonic votes confirmed – One was to settle a court case against a resident and one was to approve the striping contract so the newly paved roads could get marked as soon as possible. Approved.

    (V) Dan Adams was appointed to replace Marsha Work as the holder of elections.

    Write-Ins – Directors discussed an idea to require 30 signatures for write in candidates to make the requirements consistent with other candidates but the Board decided it was too close to elections to change any of the rules and they will take it up after this year’s election. The GM clarified that write in candidates must be: of legal age, a member in good standing, an American citizen and they must be nominated from the floor by a member in good standing the day of the annual meeting 10/20/18 10:30am at the Country Club.

    Audit & Tax Services Proposal – Tabled until October meeting so we can try to get more bids.

    (V) Motion to approve Community Service Award to be awarded posthumously to David Richardson. Approved.

    Meet the candidate nights will be announced soon and ballots will be mailed October 1st.

    Meeting adjourned 7:30p

    Executive Session – 9 Member Issues were discussed by the Board.


    Patricia S. Harman
    General Manager
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Office, Sep 27, 2018.

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