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Aquia Towne Center Rezoning request

Discussion in 'Board and Committee' started by aquiahawkins, Oct 13, 2007.

  • by aquiahawkins, Oct 13, 2007 at 2:41 PM
  • aquiahawkins

    aquiahawkins New Member

    Please take a few minutes and read the update on www.aquiaharbour.org regarding the upcoming public hearing on the rezoning request submitted by Ramco Gershenson for Aquia Towne Center (to be called The Town Center at Aquia). The redevelopment is significant to Aquia Harbour residents due to the long anticipated renovation of the center and the impact that redevelopment will have on entering/exiting Aquia Harbour.

    Adam Hawkins
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Discussion in 'Board and Committee' started by aquiahawkins, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. sd
    I understand there is a submittal for two parking garages up to 90; tall (9 stories?). These structures will be readily seen from Washington Drive and the homes beside the Police Station. I plan on going to the meeting to find out more.
  2. UncleTJ
    I just went to http://www.ramco-gershenson.com/ if you click on the Development tab, then New Developments and you can select Town Center of Aquia and see the site plan..even download the PDF... Is all that really going to fit??!! I saw a 5- and (2) 4-story garages
  3. Greg
    Thanks for the link UncleTJ

  4. thecat
    Just watched the meeting on TV, seems like most were going to hold their other comments until the next meeting. There will be a working session on the 1st of Nov from 7 - 10 PM and the public is invited and can send in comments. the next public hearing is on the 28th I think same place. Will plan to attend, we need to have a showing of many folks to voice our concerns and or comments. Some of the folks had the understanding that the developer was trying to ram this through, maybe with many folks there and our voices we may not stop it but we sure can try and sway some of the things they are planning.

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