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DRAFT Electronic Decal Policy

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    This policy is a draft and will not be finalized until residents have had an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions either by email or at a Town Hall Meeting which will be scheduled soon.

    RFID/Electronic Decal Policy
    Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association
    May 2017


    Electronic decals are provided to Active AHPOA Members upon proof of vehicle ownership and active membership status in order to facilitate entry into the community through the resident lane of the Aquia Harbour Front Gate located at 1001 Washington Drive Stafford, Va. and through an automated back gate at specified times and/or circumstances located next to 3244 Titanic Drive Stafford Va. from inside AH and next to 800 Decatur Road from outside AH.


    Active Members – Aquia Harbour property owners who are current on HOA dues/assessment.
    Legal Tenants – Tenants of an AHPOA property of an Active Member with the lease on file with the business office with all fees paid in full.
    Employees – Full or part-time employees of AHPOA who are not residents.
    Guests/Vendors – Policy pending but will include resident contracts for their guests, a colored decal identifying them as a visitor and an annual charge.


    New - Electronic decals are free to all AHPOA members upon project initiation. After project implementation they will be free to new members, new tenants and new employees upon compliance. Photo ID and vehicle registration required. Replacement or additional decals are $10 each. Proof of ownership / vehicle registration required.


    Electronic decals are activated by the business office upon issue to active members, either in person or by mail.


    Deactivation can occur when active member’s dues become delinquent – this will include all decals related to the account to include guests and tenants.

    Patricia S. Harman
    Interim General Manager
    Aquia Harbour Property Owners Assoc.
    1221 Washington Drive
    Stafford, Va. 22554
    Direct 540-699-6683 O)540-659-3050 C) 703-407-6106


    Vehicles that pass through resident lane without an active electronic decal will be red-lighted and engaged by security who will determine the proper course of action based on security policies. These actions may include, a recommendation to visit the business office, or activation of police if trespassing is suspected. Civil assessment on the property owner through the AHPOA Legal Compliance Committee.

    Replacement Decals

    Decals are projected to last from 6 to 8 years depending on exposure to sun. When a decal is no longer functioning, it is the responsibility of the member to contact the business office to arrange for a replacement. The cost of a replacement decal will be posted annually.

    Decal Placement

    Decals are to be placed on the inside and passenger side windshield. Decals that are not properly placed may not properly scan and may be subject to a shorter life span.
    Back/Emergency Gate
    The rear/back Gate is located next to 3242 Titanic Drive/800 Decatur Road in Section III. Active electronic/RFID decals will activate the arm controlled gate WHEN the Gate system has been authorized for situational activation. At all other times the back gate will remain secure except under the following conditions;
    1. Emergency egress to include weather emergencies. In these cases the egress bar will be locked in the open position.
    2. Situational ingress/egress due to Aquia Drive bridge failure, damage or flood. In these cases the egress bars will be locked in the open position.
    3. Major traffic obstruction/disruption inside or in close proximity to Aquia Harbour. This situational decision will be made by either the Chief of Police or the General Manager who will operate under discernable criteria. The Board President will be notified of all situational and emergency openings.
    Notification of a back-gate opening shall be posted on our website aquiaharbour.org and our official Facebook page Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association facebook.com/aquiaharbour. When advanced notice of a back-gate activation is available, the mass email notification system will be used as well.
    Policies concerning the electronic decal program are subject to change.
  2. MicheleJ

    MicheleJ Junior Member

    This is a great thing and will keep people moving at the front gate. Is there any possibility that residents that live in section 3 would be able to use the back gate with the RFID with there being any of the 3 situations listed above?

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