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General Manager Transition

Discussion in 'Board and Committee' started by Office, Nov 23, 2016.

  • by Office, Nov 23, 2016 at 1:36 PM
  • Office

    Office Business Office

    As many of you know our General Manager, Ken Laenger, has announced his plan to retire. Ken has and will continue to be an enormous asset to Aquia Harbour. To ensure there is no interruption to the short and long term projects that we have in the planning stages and currently underway, the Board has voted to choose an in-house interim GM for the time being just as we did when we hired Ken.

    We have asked Patricia Harman (Chief, AHPD) to be the interim GM in order to manage these projects and an ambitious 2017 Board Agenda with which she is very familiar. The Board has full confidence in Trish and her familiarity with the Harbour and the residents will make for a smooth transition. The Police Department will be in good hands with Major Nate Thompson as the acting Chief and Officer John Twomey acting as the 2nd in command.

    Ken has graciously agreed to serve in any capacity needed to ensure a smooth transition as Trish navigates the waters of the GM position. We appreciate the community’s support as this transition takes place.

    On behalf of the AHPOA Board and staff, I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful and safe holiday.

    Chris Greene, AHPOA Board President
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Discussion in 'Board and Committee' started by Office, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Aquia Harbour Living
    Your statements are deeply troubling.
    The current GM, Ken Laenger announced just the week before this decision that his commitment was up the end of March 2017. He also had stated that he could go earlier or later depending on the needs of AHPOA.

    This "crisis" was one created to oust Ken and replace him with Trish Harman.

    The ambitious BOD agenda, a new lane on Washington Dr., a possible back gate (although haven't heard much about that in a while), replacement of a section of Aquia Dr near Foresail Cove due to it sinking, mold at the Harbour Inn, to name a few. All this projects demand someone with experience in construction and roads in addition to the normal qualifications of a GM for such a development as the Harbour.

    Please provide the residents of this community the resume of Chief Harman. While she may be amply qualified to be the police chief that does not make her qualified to be the GM.

    The property owners in here deserve a nonpolitical search and hire of the best qualified candidate. The BOD has a fiduciary duty to all property owners.
  2. Office
    Thank you for your comments. At a meeting on November 21, the board voted unanimously on the transition plan which includes the development of a position description for the GM, advertising the position and a candidate search.

    Chris Greene, AHPOA Board President
  3. Aquia Harbour Living
    Please post the transition plan in the interest of transparency.
  4. Office
    The transition plan is to proceed carefully with finding a permanent replacement for the current general manager, Ken Laenger. Mr. Laenger has agreed to mentor Ms. Harman as she eases into her role as interim general manager. In the meantime, an up to date job description will be created for the position, a solicitation for candidates will be written up and a search will be conducted for the best possible person to fill the position permanently. A time line for these steps to a hiring a permanent replacement has not been established yet but they will be accomplished over the next several months as Ms. Harman’s appointment as interim general manager is for a period not to exceed one year.This process follows similar protocol relied upon previously by the Board of Directors to fill other positions.
  5. Aquia Harbour Living
    This is deeply troubling. The above indicates that no steps were taken at all in preparation of the GM, Ken Laneger leaving. Are you telling the property owners that we don't even have a job description for our GM? How can you give a yearly evaluation or bonus if there's no job description?
    You don't even have a selection committee in place do you? Months????
    And please don't tell us that it took months or even a year to fill other positions in the Harbour.
    The BOD has a fiduciary responsibility to the property owners.

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