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GM Notes 8-28-19

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Aug 29, 2019.

  • by Patricia Harman, Aug 29, 2019 at 7:02 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes
    AHPOA Board Meeting
    August 28, 2019

    Hi everybody! I hope you have had a great summer. There was no Board meeting in July and I was not present for the work session last week after bringing home a yucky virus from my Alaska cruise (Alaska is AMAZING) but here are my notes from the Board Meeting last night. Patricia Harman, GM

    Open 30 – Six speakers. Topics included a thank you the Directors for serving; don’t see enough of the police in neighborhood; a letter to the Board last month has not yielded an answers; see the police frequently; would like Board meetings taped and available; speeding; reckless school buses; want R&C letter sent by resident reviewed by attorney; legal action threatened; complaints from barn tenants about management, safety, the GM and each other; Paws for Purple Hearts Program would like policy change; enjoys seeing police around the Harbour.
    Legislative – Mr. Jack Cavalier Stafford Board of County Supervisors Griffis-Widewater District thanked the Aquia Host Lions for donating athletic polar-pods to all five Stafford High Schools for athletes who experience heat related illness/injury. Nice!

    Director Comments:
    Some support video-taping others do not due to personal experience, the vote taken last year did not pass to allow video taping, see police out there all the time, apology for failing to respond to resident’s letter, stables should be a fun place where people act like adults, rules should be fair and impartial, safety should be a priority, support for Paws for Purple Hearts, disappointed in stables and working to fix it, police patrol appears to be down some but community policing events are up so maybe it’s a trade-off, just bought another house in the community and excited about staying and running for Board again, much trust in our employees, speed always a concern – we can do better, attorney did review R&C letter before response was sent to resident, support for Paws for Purple Hearts, police are visible on our roads.
    Treasurer: $4,101,000 on deposit. Cash balance is up, several large payments plans have been paid off. Large expenses from the last 3 months include; $24k Stone/Gravel, $23k Thermal Striping of Front Gate Area, $16k Insurance, $15k Taxes, $10k Legal Fees, $7k Workers Comp, $5k Police OT for July (7/4 and down one officer), $4k Fuel Tank Repair.

    August Showcase Home
    – Winter Family 1122 Richmond Drive. Thank you for the way you keep your lovely home and yard!

    GM Updates:

    – The buzzard eradication at the Harbour Inn/Marina was successful. Gone! Poof! Finally!

    Patching and Paving
    – We have been working on shoring up the sub-grades all summer in preparation for paving this fall. It sure would be easier to just mill and pave, but that would be a short-term solution and we are striving for long term correction. Patching will be completed around Labor Day and Paving will happen the 3rd week of September. E. Potomac, Vessel Dr, Washington Drive (Marina Circle), Aquia Dr (Vessel to Richmond), Crack filling and road repair 1000 block of Aquia. We will provide as much notice as we can and will try to avoid bus times and rush hour. The paving budget was cut in half this year to fund an unplanned maintenance dredge, but we’ll get back on track next year.

    HI Pool
    – The Country Club Pool will close on Labor Day for the season, but the Harbour Inn pool will be open two additional weekends. Lap swim and Water Aerobics will also continue. Aquia Harbour residents swim for FREE in September. Guests $3. The shade structure for the CC Pool was delayed so it won’t be installed until late Sept and the we’ll hold off on the sail for the winter - but next summer, Day #1 it will be good to go.

    – Every time we think we have everything we need, some agency comes up with “one more thing”. We’re close. We are very close to pulling out 9,000 Cubic Yards from 4 choke points along the creek.

    Front Gate Arm
    – All the parts and poles are in and installation will begin in the next few weeks. This is NOT going to be fun but we are “in for a pound” and we have to see this through. Please use caution while the installers get the arm built. We will introduce its use slowly and try to avoid peak times. If you are non-compliant regarding dues or you are a renter and the lease you have on file with the office has expired or you don’t have and RFID decal… the arm will not be opening for you and you will need to divert to the visitor’s side.

    FY21 Budget Process
    – The FY21 budget process kicks off this month. It starts in August, gets approved in January and goes into effect April 1st.

    – The long-awaited updated rules and lease paperwork is under review with legal and will be available to our barn tenants very soon.

    Peace Park
    – The playground next to the preschool and business office is getting an upgrade! Ms. Utility will be marking the play ground next week and we expect the equipment to arrive around Sept. 15th. We have some great stuff coming. Thank you, Parks Committee for your all your work on this project.

    Electronic Voting
    – Darn it, we really tried to have the electronic voting ready for this Board Election in October but the confidence and policy just isn’t ready yet and this isn’t something we want to rush. 2020 it is.

    Police Department
    – Farewell to Officer Jamie Walker who has been accepted to law school and we be meeting us from the OTHER side of the isle. We’ll miss you Jamie and thank you. Welcome new Officer Craig Cunningham. Craig is an experienced officer who comes to us from PWCPD and will be covering the midnight shift. Welcome Craig!

    Board of Directors

    Telephonic Votes
    – Affirmation of two telephonic votes were held over the summer break regarding the cost of buzzard eradication and appointment of the Holder of Elections (thank you Mr. Lew Bunch and Mr. John Reinboldt). (Approved)

    Animals in Harbour Buildings
    – A resident who is involved with a program called Paws for Purple Hearts wants to use the Harbour Inn to provide a pet training opportunity for veterans but a 2015 policy prohibited pets in Harbour Buildings. The policy was updated to include all service “animals” and waivers for worthy projects like Paws for Purple Hearts. (Approved)

    Complaint Procedure Updated
    – Our old complaint procedure made reference to Va. Code sections that no longer apply to the AHPOA so the form was updated. (Approved)

    Election Signs
    – With the elections coming up and at the request of a resident, this policy was re-visted. It was determined the policy would stay as is. Political signs in resident’s yards can go up 30 days before an election, stay up 5 days after, you can have up to 3 signs - no bigger than 2x2.

    – Two bylaws changes were submitted by a resident for consideration by the bylaws committee. It has to go through a Board and Committee process before it is determined if it will be presented to the community for a vote.

    September Calendar

    Sept 3rd Deadline for candidate packages to business office. (and Gate Guard Mary Ellen’s 40th Anniversary with AH!)

    Sept 7,8,14,15 Harbour Inn Pool Open two additional weekends

    Sept 7th Shred It Event 9-12 Lions Park

    Sept 10th 6:00p Country Club Aquia Harbour Singles & Seniors Dinner

    Sept 11th Patriotic Event Rt. 610 Bridge Sept 11th 7-8 am / Meet x Best Western 6:50a – We wave flags and patriotic signs at the northbound commuters and celebrate America.

    Sept 14th Community Yard Sale – Briarpatch Park 8-1

    The Harbour Events Club (HEC) is sponsoring a Community Yardsale for Aquia Harbour. The event will take place at Briarpatch Park on 14 September, from 8-1pm. Each spot will consist of two parking spaces, and a spot is $20. The HEC can take payment for spaces either via check, made out to the Harbour Events Club, or via cash. If you would like to reserve a spot, and haven't done so already, please send an email addressed to HEC.events@yahoo.com.
    There will be a Goodwill truck on site the day of the yardsale, to collect items after the event ends, if you wish to donate. The Goodwill truck will have someone available for collection between 12-2pm.
    Sept 18ish Paving Commences – Third Week in September

    Sept 21st Aquia Evening Lions Art Show 7-10p Evening Lions Art Auction
    AQUIA EPISCOPAL CHURCH See attached flyer

    Sept 25th Board Meeting – Country Club 7p

    Patricia S. Harman, CMCA
    General Manager
    Aquia Harbour POA
    1221 Washington Drive
    Stafford, Va. 22554
    O) 540-659-3050
    D) 540-699-6683
    C) 703-407-6106
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Aug 29, 2019.

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