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GM Notes and Green Light Drill 2-21-18

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Feb 21, 2018.

  • by Patricia Harman, Feb 21, 2018 at 10:48 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes, Patricia Harman

    Board Work Session 7:00 pm

    February 21, 2018

    Front Entrance Engineering Project. Presentation By Ryan Foroughi BFG Engineering. BFG was contracted last year to provide and engineering study to address the front entrance to include the 2nd incoming lane, the fire department access, a parking area between the PD and the FD and creating a safer merge from visitor stop sign onto Washington by potentially moving the Front Gate which is due for replacement/upgrade. Mr. Foroughi talked about all aspects of the project including that it is not feasible to move the gate because of survey borders, that we can expect to pay between $150k to $225k for the second incoming lane most of which will be paving. $290k has been earmarked for the entire project. He talked about submission dates with the county which are rigid and mentioned that few contractors he knows are not booked well into summer saying “the recession is over. Contractors are busy.” Much discussion among the Directors that the 2nd incoming visitor lane is the priority. A decision was made to have an adhoc Board Committee meet as soon as possible to process all of the information in detail and include all of the players (County, FD, PD etc.) and make a recommendation to the whole Board on how to best proceed ASAP.


    Update on RFID Front/Back - Directors were briefed on the Green Light Drill underway, the addition of resident/volunteer consultant to the project and the need to proceed slowly so that the 2nd lane can be added before we go all in.

    Peace Park Fence (V) – Directors were presented with the pros and cons of wood vs. metal fencing for the safety fence for Peace Park/Preschool. Metal fencing was recommended by the GM and the Parks Committee citing that while wood is cheaper by half, metal is less maintenance, more aesthetically pleasing, provides a clear line of site, does not deriorate under harsh weather or pest infestation and last 2-3x as long as a wood fence making it a better buy.

    Health Care Resolution (V) - Directors were presented with a Health Care Cost Management resolution. Three options were offered including reduced benefits to new employees, reduced benefits to current employees and an “opt out” which is expected to have the biggest impact. Directors will be deciding on all, none or a combination of options which will begin April 1, 2018 and will be measured April 1, 2019. The GM is recommending that the Board start with the opt out.

    Northstar Status – The training is done. We are currently running redundant systems until we become comfortable with the new software, which we expect will take about 60 days. The treasurer has become familiar the accounting or “back office” and said it will do the job. The website is still on line to be active April 1st when residents will be able to manage their accounts online. Instructions for residents to log on April 1st were provided in the annual letter.

    Harbour Games – May 5th at Briarpatch Park/Ballfields with a Cinco De Mayo theme. This event pits all three sections (identified by the color of their T-shirt red, white or blue) against each other in fun games of skill: Tug-o-War, 3 legged race, egg toss for bragging rights. Residents are encouraged to come support their Section I, II or III. Not sure what section you belong too? It’s the first number in your address! We’ll get more info out on which section (District) is wearing which color.

    Prioritization of Reserves & New Capital Purchases – Reserves and New Cap Purchases were prioritized by staff per the Directors Request. All are still on the table, they just wanted to start with the “most pressing” until we see what the cost of the 2nd lane will be.

    Detailed explanation on Golf Course sweep & fill request (V) – The Golf Course has made a request for a piece of machinery that will save money by bringing the job of reconditioning the green inhouse. Several thousand in savings is expected.

    Draft Member Request Board Form - Staff has created a new form to accompany “member requests” which are discussed in executive session. This form will be for office use only. Member’s privacy and dignity is of the utmost importance.

    HVAC for Harbour Inn (V) – The HVAC is past its replacement life and we are spending too much money on repairs. Three estimates will be presented to the Board next week for consideration. Funds already earmarked in Reserves.

    Sand Filter for HI Pool (V) – One the primary filters at the Harbour Inn pool is in need of replacement and takes 6 weeks for delivery

    Info on equipment for recorded meetings – The cost of the equipment to tape the meetings is about $1,000. It could be funded out of marketing as it has a dual use. Additional mics would probably be needed

    General – The GM talked about the adult lap swim pilot program at Harbour Inn pool 5a-9a this summer. Participants would be required to have a pool membership, be of adult age and sign a hold harmless agreement. Still working out the details. She also talked about using the Harbour Inn for yoga, dance classes, karate etc. She will be looking for instructors who provide this service for residents if not free than maybe for a big discount.


    Town Hall – March 10, 10 a.m. at the Harbour Inn. County and State reps will be invited to answer resident’s questions about all things Aquia Harbour.

    Recording Meetings Update on Recording Meetings (V) – Extensive discussion on recording Board Meetings. Reservations included being the subject of a camera lens for two hours, the potential of deterring future participation on the Board and issue of some Board members being unable to be filmed because of job assignments. On the side to record meetings was the suggestion that the PPT would be the focus of the lens and the Directors would be mic’d, people might be more inclined to run for the Board when they experience firsthand the professionalism and civility displayed and the value of other residents hearing the open 30 comments. Directors will decide at the Regular Board Meeting next week.

    Meeting ended at 8:50p

    GREEN LIGHT DRILL As you have probably observed we are now in our green light drill portion of the RFID/Electronic decal program at the Front Gate.

    If you have questions or opinions about the security aspect of the front gate, I am happy to answer your questions directly at gm@aquiaharbour.org. For now, this discussion needs to be kept to the implementation of this program. The first rule of security is - you don’t discuss it on social media (or at Fight Club). We also have a Town Hall planned for March 10th at 10am at the Harbour Inn. We can chat then too.

    Please keep it to 20-25MPH as you pass through the resident side of the gate and don’t tailgate. If you do not have a decal please stay OUT OF THIS LANE. If you haven’t put your decal on, please do it today.

    Active RFID decals ONLY in the resident lane. If the light turns green – your decal is working and you are good to go. If it does not turn the light green, please reposition your decal (inside, center of passenger window below tint/antenna). If repositioning doesn’t work come by the office and we’ll replace it at no charge.

    This program is taking longer than expected but the delay is working in our favor. We NEED the second lane – otherwise the visitor will back up into the resident lane and create a line all the way to the Marketplace - I already know how story that ends! Between now and then you will see additions to the RFID program popping up at the Front gate and we will keep inching forward until the second lane is in.

    For now, the green light drill is running, the camera system is active and the guards are tied into the electronic system inside the guard shack so all is good in the neighborhood.
    Your patience and cooperation are very much appreciated.

    Please put your decals on.

    Patricia Harman, AHGM
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Feb 21, 2018.

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