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GM Notes Board Meeting 1-31-18

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jan 31, 2018.

  • by Patricia Harman, Jan 31, 2018 at 11:17 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes
    Patricia Harman
    Board Meeting


    Legislative Report – Aquia District Supervisor Cindy Shelton was in attendance and is working to bring the Aquia Town Center matter to the full Stafford BOS to determine if there is anything that can legally be done to address the condition of the lot.
    Supervisor Cindy Shelton
    Aquia District

    Open 30 – Three residents spoke; Additional parking for PD unnecessary, electronic votes should only be used for emergency situations and doesn’t think AHPOA should record meetings. Cautioned Board regarding oppressive behavior and pitting people against each other, waste, encouraged to use the Finance Committee and read from the covenants. Finance Committee’s job is concluded and Board needs to move forward with their responsibility.

    Directors Comments – Believes the two-part approach of Finance Committee and GM budget is a good process and yielded excellent results with due diligence executed. Read from the Finance Committee list about additional recommendations and shared the list with Directors and talked about the volunteer Parks clean up this spring and would like the Board not to approve unbudgeted expenditures unless they identify the source of the funds. An emotional remembrance of Dave Richardson and all he did and all he meant to this community. Doesn’t think there should be an automatic dues raise every year. Collections going better with the GM reaching out to before sending to attorneys. Boat show went well. Very little fat in this budget, it all boils down to roads and Northstar technology.

    Treasurer Report – $3.7 Million in Harbour accounts including $2.4 Million in Reserves, $665K in contingency/emergency fund and $462K in Operations.

    GM Report

    Budget – The budget process began with ALL needs and wants on the table which would have created a $14 a-month increase. Cutting/Prioritizing by the GM & Finance Committee brought the dues increase to $6 a-month and a final review by the Board of Directors brought it to a $5 a-month increase. Highlights from the FY APPROVED FY19 budget can be found below in the FY19 General Manager’s letter which you will also receive with your quarterly mailing in February.

    RFID – Back Gate working great. 24/7 Permit continues through 2/14/18 and we are logging on average 30-90 total vehicles per day. Front gate green light will soon be wired to indicate if your decal is reading. We have about 100 non-reads per day at present – the decal could be defective or could be positioned incorrectly. This period of green light checking will help us address those 100 decals as we move closer to breaking ground on the 2nd incoming lane – which is needed to facilitate this electronic decal program. Readings have increased by 150%.

    2200 Aquia – All the engineering and geotechnical studies are complete and the consensus is that the settling and creeping are evident but very slow and expected to take years before any action need be taken, that there has been no movement in the last 6 months and that “no further action needs to be taken at this time.” In 2018 we will conduct a storm water management analysis and will mill and pave, then in 2019 we will contract another 6 months of measurements. It is anticipated that at some point we will be looking at installing “soil nails” to shore up this stretch.

    Dredging – I had a two-hour meeting with a senior engineer from the Va. Marine Resource Center to discuss runoff and sediment control, the Chesapeake Bay Action Plan, in-house vs. contract dredging, mitigation and how best to approach a shared financial responsibility with the County and State for the sediment that gets deposited into Aquia Creek, sediment that we pay $50 to $100k per year to remove. Research and meetings will continue and will end with a qualified request to the county and the state to provide annual financial assistance to address dredging in Aquia Creek.

    Northstar – Staff has been training for the last week and while the system is a little intimidating and will take a good 30-60 days to wrap our heads around it all, confidence is high that this system will be providing residents with opportunities to simplify their lives and manage their own accounts.

    Board of Directors

    Budget - After discussion the Board of Directors unanimously approved Budget A with a contingency regarding the outside financial review requested by the GM. This will result in a $5 per month dues increase beginning April 1, 2018.

    New Capital Improvements – Approved with Operations Budget. Each item will be considered as presented by the GM when installation is recommended/feasible.
    Reserves – Approved with the Operations Budget. Board would like the list prioritized with initial primary focus on the top 3 items: Front Entrance/Gate upgrade; paving; safety fence for Peace Park.

    Telephonic vote failed regarding taping of meetings. Reintroduced at tonight’s meeting for active discussion (all telephonic votes are restated at next full meeting so they can be documented). Much discussion on the video taping of meetings by residents. Concerns with privacy of members, the fact that only certain residents are privy to the recordings, the potential for the manipulation of data and the inappropriateness of it being streamed on social media. The Board voted to end taping by residents by altering a 2007 Resolution and has given the GM 60 days to come up with a plan, a price and a protocol for staff to record and distribute video to members only. (V) Approved

    Golf Tournament Schedule – (V) Approved.

    Town Hall Meeting – Originally scheduled for Thursday March 15th, other directors expressed interest in having a town hall on a Saturday. The GM was directed to send available Saturday dates in March so the directors so that residents can have an opportunity to have a back and forth dialog with the Board about whatever concerns them.

    ACC Request – To give a resident permission to build a fishing pier in his back yard that will partially be on
    AHPOA Property. (V) Approved.

    Executive Session – Member request and complaint.
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jan 31, 2018.

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