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GM Notes Board Meeting 3-22-17

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Mar 23, 2017.

  • by Patricia Harman, Mar 23, 2017 at 6:10 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes
    Regular Board of Directors Meeting
    Wed 3-22-17
    Country Club
    7:00p – 8:02p

    Exec Session 8:15p – 8:40p (two contracts 4 Resident requests)

    There were 28 people in attendance including a charming group of boy scouts who were there observing the process. A very well behaved group of young men.

    Open 30 – A resident spoke about his displeasure with the physical condition of the neighborhood especially regarding leaves.

    Directors Comments – Included satisfaction expressed for the new Clubhouse Restaurant contract, the response from the PD regarding action taken regarding speeding and confidence in the coming new RFID/Decal system.

    County BOD of Supervisors - Chairman Milde and Supervisor Cavalier reiterated their confidence in the Town Center project moving forward. They are in continuous communication with Mosaic. They are also wrestling with a 5.9 million dollar deficit but said the professionalism and cohesiveness of their Board is making it a positive experience and made sure those in attendance were aware that DUCK Donuts is open for business! https://duckdonuts.com/locations/stafford-va-stafford-market-place.

    Parks & Waterways Committee Report – Briarpatch Park/playground & Peace Park/playground (near the office) are the two parks the committee will focus on this year. Friendship Park was upgraded last year. They also spoke of their desire for committees to communicate with each other and for everyone to help with keeping an eye on our parks as we come and go.

    Aquia Harbour Fish & Game Committee – They are looking to expand opportunities for outdoor activities and to maintain control of the creek’s duck blinds.

    Treasurer’s Report - Included in the report was rebate of $1,528 last month for recyclables – great job Aquia! – as well as 49 files with attorney, 30 liens, 6 garnishments, 1 foreclosure and 35 active payment plans.

    General Manager’s Report

    RFID Update

    a. Extension of 2017 Decals to facilitate transition to RFID decals
    b. Results of RFID Round Table
    c. Policy Development
    d. Town Hall Meetings
    e. One-for-one exchange of decals for first round
    f. slow roll out for residents to minimize disruption.

    Harbour Inn Update - The basement has been emptied and is scheduled for mold treatment. Next step is to bring in an architect to create options ranging from leveling the building to upgrading or replacing this amenity. All options are on the table but nothing can be seriously considered until we know costs.

    IT Update – The server is being upgraded next month, followed by the identification of a software system that will allow residents to access and pay their accounts online, followed at long last by a new and interactive website.

    Job Description – All job descriptions have been updated and are currently with our HR consultant for final review.

    Employee Manual – Motion passed. The Board voted unanimously to approve the new employee manual with the additional caveat that it be reviewed and Board approved annually.

    50th Anniversary - A 50th anniversary adhoc committee is recommended for this historical event which will happen April 2019.

    48 Trees – Motion failed. The two storms and dead ash trees are exceeding our in-house capacity to remove the number of trees that need to come down. We either need more funds allotted or wait until new budget cycle next month. We’ll wait until next month and take the funds from the new cycle rather than authorizing additional funds this month.

    Old Business

    Barge – We have been renting a barge for the last three years for July 4th at a cost of $5,000. We can build and store our own barge for $14,500. Many questions were asked by the Board and it was decided to push the decision to next month when more information can be made available.

    New Business

    Beautification Committee – Motion passed. One new member added.

    New Playground Equipment – Motion passed. A majority vote to authorize the general manager to price (not purchase) new Park/playground equipment not to exceed $55k. Peace Park: Climber 1-5yo’s – Car to replace Stiffy the Whale – Diggers for the sand box – Teeter Swing and for Briarpatch a climber 5-12yo’s, Swing pole.

    Building Fee – Motion failed. A majority vote defeated the motion to decrease the building fee ($10k fee for all new home builds). It will remain as is.

    Dredging Funds – Motion passed. AH spends about $100,000 a year in savings for dredging – which occurs every 5 – 7 years. Dredging isn’t about boating it’s about flood control. A majority vote passed to move the dredging savings to an interest bearing account.

    Following Executive Session 4 votes relating to resident account requests, award of the pool management to Winkler Pools and approval of the Clubhouse Restaurant contract.

    These notes are not the official minutes, just my informal notes on the agenda topics and the outcome of Board votes. Please respect my request to keep these notes for AHPOA residents only so that I can continue to share this information in a timely manner and thank you for all the wonderful feedback!

    Trish Harman

    Patricia Harman, Interim GM
    Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association
    O) 540-659-3050 C) 703-407-6106
    GM@aquiaharbour.org chiefharmanahpd@gmail.com
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Mar 23, 2017.

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