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GM Notes Board Meeting 4-19-17

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    AH BoD Work Session
    General Manager Notes
    4-19-17 7:00p - 8:47p

    Break-in – The Board was notified that AHPD and Stafford Sheriff’s Office were in the process of working a burglary. Late this afternoon an unlocked house was entered and cash and a few small items were removed. The suspect, who was seen looking in the windows by a neighbor, is described as follows; white or Hispanic male, 30 to 40 yoa, denim cargo shorts, orange t-shirt, black & red Nike Jordan's high tops. Please keep all residence and vehicle doors locked at all times to prevent any possible incidents of this nature. Be mindful of any suspicious persons in the area and if you see something – say something. Contact the police department at 659-5224 or 658-4600.

    GM Report
    Water & Force Main Replacement Project – Stafford County Utilities will be replacing the Force Main Sewage Line that is secured to either side of our Aquia Bridge (connecting Sections I & II) this summer. The project is expected to take 5 months, will start mid July and will result our bridge frequently being reduced to one lane. Back gate access and communication with residents in my estimation will be paramount to minimizing impact on our residents.

    Back Gate Automation – Automating the Back Gate (electronic opening) has been on the agenda for discussion for a while but the Stafford Utilities Project has just made a priority. Recommend that we move forward and get it done before the commencement of the utility work. The current RFID decals that will be mailed out in June will work on both the front and back gates. Questions were also asked about making sure we had a proper notification system in place.

    Dredging spoils/testing update – 20,000 cubic yards of sand and debris were dredged from the creek last fall. It was off loaded at a drying site near Lions Park and now has to be removed to its final destination. I will be working with the state, county and VRMC to see if we can find a way to mitigate the $100,000+ a year this community spends on dredging. The sand will be tested to see if it’s safe and if it is it will be offered to residents and we will try to get someone who needs it to haul it out of here before we determine we have to pay for it.

    Harbour Inn Roof Replacement – We were desperate to hold out on replacing the roof until a decision was made on the fate of the Harbour Inn (1417 Washington Drive) but alas we could wait no more.

    Barge – We pay $5,000 every year for barge for our fireworks. The purchase of a barge for about $12,000 is being recommended so we can stop paying that cost year after year. It can also be used as an emergency dock, a portable fishing pier or a floating stage and has been approved by the Fire Marshall’s Office for use for the fireworks.

    Paving Aquia Park Parking Lot – I am recommending that we pave the Aquia Park parking lot and we are working to create an 8-year plan to address every single inch of Harbour roads. More on that in May.

    Playground Equipment Pricing – This is being moved to the May meeting.
    Recycle Funds Requested – Two requests were made for recycle funds. One came through the parks committee for two thermoplastic AH benches for

    Briarpatch Park playground and one from the Beautification Committee for improvements to the front Aquia Harbour wall. Harbour residents have raised over $44,000 by recycling!

    Broyhill Court Request – A Brentsmill (neighborhood behind Victoria Drive) resident is asking for permission to erect part of his fence on segregated swatch of AHPOA Property on the OTHER side of our easement.

    Outdoor Arena – The outdoor arena and round pen at the stables are being refurbished.

    Speed Humps – Temporary speed humps are being installed on our pool routes, at one playground parking lot and at the stables as part of the AHPOA Speed Management initiative.

    Stable Manager Hired – Our new part-time Stable Manager (15 hours a week) has been hired to oversee this amenity and its assets.

    Pools Analysis – A power point presentation was made about the cost of our pools and the recent rate hike which shifted pool funding to 30% community funded / 70% pool user funded. The PPT includes this year improvements and answers a lot of questions. All Family Memberships will also be receiving a 5-punch guest card worth $30.00. The PPT will be posted on our website aquiaharbour.org.

    RFID Update – The time line proposed is for the policy and FAQ to be reviewed by the Board next week, the Town Hall at the end of the month (possibly May 20th but not confirmed) Decals picked up and mailed out in June, test runs in late June and early July and we go live July 17th.

    IT Updates – The new server is in but will not be activated until AFTER our audit May 7-9. An amazing software and website demo was presented to staff this week and we will be putting a package together for the Board to review.

    Farmers Market – A resident wants to do a AH Farmers Market. A check with the county revealed a fairly intense zoning application and process. It was forwarded to the resident to see if she wants to take the lead.

    Board Recruitment Incentive – Recommended by the GM was a plan to encourage more interest in running for the Board to include a recruitment flyer, candidate go by list and package and a vote to waive of dues of the next BoD while in service. Will revisit next month.

    Dues Collection – Dues collection is going very well. We are currently at 93% compliance and have collected over $80,000 in back dues in the first quarter of this year.

    BoD Discussions
    Summer meeting combined July/Aug propsed for Aug 2nd and 9th
    Non-residents fishing in the Harbour
    The Treasurer’s review of credit cards
    Nepotism and the pool contract
    Status of Yacht Club lease
    Meeting with Mosaic about the time line on our new and needed visitor lane on Washington Drive
    Draft presented of revised Construction Maintenance Procedures and Best Practices
    Combining BoD Training same day as Town Hall on RFID

    Potential Voting for April 26th Board Meeting Country Club 7:00
    Back Gate Automation (V)
    Removal of Dredging spoils (V)
    Purchase of Barge (V)
    Paving Aquia Park Parking Lot (V)
    Recycle funds – 2 Requests (V)
    Broyhill Court request (V)
    RFID Policy Approval (V)
    Harbour Inn Status Roof (V)
    Outdoor Arena (V)
    Construction Maintenance Procedures and Best Practices (V)

    Patricia S. Harman
    Interim General Manager
    Aquia Harbour Property Owners Assoc.
    1221 Washington Drive
    Stafford, Va. 22554
    Direct 540-699-6683 O)540-659-3050 C) 703-407-6106
    GM@aquiaharbour.org chiefharmanahpd@gmail.com

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