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GM Notes Board Meeting - October 24, 2018 - Part I

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Office, Oct 25, 2018.

  • by Office, Oct 25, 2018 at 4:55 PM
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    Office Business Office

    Hi Harbour! I’m sorry I failed you in getting the GM notes out last night but yesterday was a particularly rough day in the trenches and I was beat. There was also a little matter of the World Series and I wanted to catch the second half of the game – Go Boston!

    A resident ask that I send out the PPT presentation that I create for the meetings. I have been reluctant to do so because they could be taken out of context or confusing without the commentary but I’m going to give it a shot. I made some comments/notes on the slides to help with clarification. If you like it, I will do it for the Regular Board Meeting notes. If I don’t hear from you I’ll assume its mox nix and not spend the extra time on it.


    Election Results; Alexis Harvey 325 Joseph Hoyt 145 Laura Pross 145 Sean Plachetti 42
    Officer Elections: President Alexis Harvey, VP Katie Kitzmiller, 2nd VP Chris Greene, Treasurer Chip Collins
    Vote – Approved: Hydrographic Dredging Report Lake Services
    Vote – Approved: Audit/Tax Service 3-Year Contract Robinson, Farmer Cox & Assoc
    Vote – Approved: 2019 Board Calendar
    Vote – Approved: Finance Committee Selection: Board Liaisons: Chip Collins & Katie Kitzmiller Residents: Keith Eden, David Humphrey, Mike Scherr & Dave Snell Alternates: John Reinbolt and David Hazlett
    Vote – Approved: To look into electronic voting and conduct the run-off election after the holidays


    The Board thanked Lew Bunch and Dave Snell for acting as the Holders of Election and thanked the vote counters Mr. Sean Bryla, Ms. Mitzi Champion, Mr. Noble Keith Eden, Mr. Roger Feldman, Ms. Donna Martinelli and Mr. Kerry Riley as well as the residents for submitting 531 votes.

    The Board announced the Election Results; Alexis Harvey 325 Joseph Hoyt 145 Laura Pross 145 Sean Plachetti 42. Thank you to all who volunteered for service.

    The Board held officer elections resulting in a unified selection of President Alexis Harvey, VP Katie Kitzmiller, 2nd VP Chris Greene, Treasurer Chip Collins.

    Open 30 – One resident spoke asking the Board to make sure we are doing everything inhouse we can do and making sure we don’t have too many employees. Another resident spoke asking that we put something in our rental contracts about playing music that contains profanity for outside venues.

    Directors Comments – It was pointed out that we already run the Association with more than half the staff as part time employees compared to our mirror Lake of the Woods who employees 120 employees to our 54, and that we frequently look for ways to bring tasks inhouse but sometimes it makes more sense to use contractors than to hire more people. Another said what looks good on paper and what actually works are often two different stories and thought the suggestion about the music was a good one. Another apologized for missing the annual meeting due to a family trip and is excited about the upcoming year. One director thanked the volunteers and thanked the residents for their input and praised the stables manager for offsetting our losses with lesson income. A Director praised the tied candidates for staying in the race and wished them each the best of luck in the run off.

    Treasurers Report – The treasurer apologized for not having detailed information for the annual meeting when he said he was confused by the information he was provided. Understandable, since staff accidentally gave him last year’s figures instead of this year’s – he knew they weren’t right, he just didn’t know why. The staff member was on hand in case there were any questions. There weren’t and we apologize for the error to the Treasurer and the residents.

    GM Report

    Neighborhood Activity – Thank to the Harbour Events Committee, The Evening Lions, Host Lions, Clubhouse Restaurant, Women’s Club and a host of other volunteers for a wonderful Oktoberfest event. The Basketball hoop at Friendship Park has been lowered to regulation 10’. It was installed at over 11’ and has needed to be fixed for 2 years. Done! The buzzards are back at the Harbour Inn and we tried to scare them with a stuffed toy buzzard hung upside down… they ate it. Now they are going after the pool cover as well. $30k in damage to date. We are working with the feds to see if we can get permission to exterminate these awful “protected” scavengers.

    Employee of the Year – Congratulations to Bryant Blackburn, our CVO. Though we have many employees who rise to this level each and every year Bryant was selected because he does a particularly unpopular job with grace, kindness and a wonderful attitude and work ethic. Well done Bryant!

    Community Associations – 3 components of Community Associations. There are 3 components of community associations according the Community Management Institute. 1) Mandatory Membership 2) Mutually Binding Documents and 3) Lien-Based Assessments. Some get very passionate about whether we are a POA or an HOA. We are a Community Association. We meet the three components. AHPOA Inc. is the name of our corporation, it doesn’t define us. Case law has defined us.

    Budget Process Underway – The FY20 Budget process for the budget that begins April 1, 2019 is just about ready for the Finance Committee review. Thank you to those who volunteered for this important step in the budget process. The Finance Committee selected by the Board: Chip Collins & Katie Kitzmiller Residents: Keith Eden, David Humphrey, Mike Scherr & Dave Snell Alternates: John Reinbolt and David Hazlett. The biggest challenged to this year’s budget is dredging. We didn’t expect to have to dredge again until 2022 but torrential rains of last year have wiped out a lot of what was done in 2016. We’re probably going to have to step it up. One Director said that PWC is spending over $500k to clear out Neabsco Creek. Our police body camera grant is finished and we of course want to keep the cameras and they aren’t cheap but there are very few options, a COLA for employees, a 9% increase in utilities and $20k loss in stall rental fees at the Stables as many of our military horse owners got orders this year.

    Salary Study – A salary scale and study was just completed by the GM with data supplied by our HR contractor ADP. It reflects that most employee salaries between 25%-50% annual market rate based on job description. The three employees above 50% are employees of 30 years or more who salaries have expanded with annual COLAs. Their institutional knowledge is truly priceless and we’re so glad they are here. Because of our location on the map and our small size, 50% is a good target so we are in pretty good shape but will need to make a few adjustments, keep our employee benefits in place and address cost of living adjustments periodically to continue to retain our good employees.

    Dredging Planning Project (V) – A year long look at our planning has ended in an identified need to bring the state and county into the discussion of cost sharing and a need to keep closer tabs on how quickly our channels are silting in. A recommendation has been made to have our dredging contractor do an annual evaluation. Dredging is a huge expense that costs residents over $100k per year and if we have to accelerate dredging, that won’t be near enough. The Directors approved the hydrgraphic study.

    Paving and Striping Update – The paving is done for the year and looks fantastic! Half of the striping has been done, the rest will be done after the reclamite sealing is done.. The reclamiting and striping of Harpoon, Pinta, Cape Cod and part of Washington will take place near the end of October (but not on Halloween).

    Widewater Town Hall – Our neighbors held a Town Hall and invited me. Their issues were about the mass clearing of trees in Aquia Overlook and the large lumber tractor trailers and Pick-a-Part trucks that travers Decatur Road which is badly in need of upgrading. They were very nice about AH and the back gate and were appreciative that they have been able to pass through the neighborhood when storms have closed Decatur. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we are their only way out and they appreciate it.

    Halloween – Trunk or Treat Sunday October 28th from 4-6pm. Those setting up/decorating cars for trunk or treat should set up between 3:30 and 4:00. Trick or Treat will be on Halloween night. Wednesday 6-9pm. Turn off your porch light if you aren’t participating. Please wear reflective clothing and drive extra slow Halloween night. Our little goblins will be everywhere.

    --- Continued to Part II ---
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Office, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. C Bonelli
    RE: PPT presentation. It was interesting, but perhaps you can slim it down to just the tables/charts. Those were helpful to understand the rest of your report, ror example slides 10 - 16 and 23-30 were useful. It is also nice to see the photos, perhaps as a collage of AH photos since last meeting with a key to why they are there.

    Good job

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