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GM Notes Regular Board Meeting 4-25-18

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Apr 25, 2018.

  • by Patricia Harman, Apr 25, 2018 at 11:24 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    Regular Board Meeting
    April 25, 2018 – 7:00 p.m. – 8:50 p.m.

    GM Notes, Patricia Harman


    Legislative Update – Mr. Cavalier discussed the County budget. The tax rate was set at .99 cents per hundred with a 2.5 increase for employees. He said most residents will notice an increase because real estate assessments have gone up about 8%. He said the additional funds are needed for public safety, especially safety in the schools.

    Reserve Study – Directors opted to push this vote to the May meeting so they could study the proposals more closely and collect some more information.

    Umbrella – Directors voted to approve a new “Funbrella” (the giant sized umbrella) for the Harbour Inn Pool. It is to be installed between the shallow pool and the baby pool at the Harbour Inn before the pool opens. This will be funded out of recycle funds. Additional umbrellas were discussed for the Country Club
    Pool but it was decided that these would be added to the budget process for FY20.

    Used Cruisers – Directors voted unanimously to purchase three used cruisers from Manassas Park police for $10k total. This is a pilot program based on the superior condition of and equipment that comes with these cruisers. This program is expected to save the Association a minimum of $78,000 over six years and permanently adds one police vehicle to the fleet for the Chief of Police. The vehicles will remain black and white to keep the cost of this pilot program minimal. One of these cruisers will replace the Charger.

    VDOT – The VDOT permit has been approved for the BACK GATE. It will remain open 24/7 for those with active RFID decals. Done.

    Treasurer – Reported $3.7 million dollars in Association accounts and with 30 days still pending FY18 reflects an overage of $8k from a $4.5 million-dollar budget.

    GM Notes – and additional details

    Open 30 – A resident spoke about owner responsibility regarding keeping ditches cleaned out, praised the GM for her work, said he was okay with the dues raise and spoke of the complications inherent with RFID systems. Another resident spoke about fiscal responsibility, needs vs. wants and did not think the Board should approved the used cruiser pilot program. A third resident spoke about the Board staying on point with the budget and did not think the Board should approve the new umbrella for the pool suggesting that residents should bring their own shades and doesn’t think Manassas Park police radios will work here. (A Director followed up that the recycle fund is specifically set up for “wants” and the GM followed up by clarifying that Stafford police radios will continue to be used.)

    Director comments included that the Board has shown restraint and fiscal responsibility and felt that if the Board occasionally decides to approve an unbudgeted improvement that benefits Harbour families he’s okay with it and considers it an investment. Aquia Green, Aquia Host Lions and residents were praised for clean-up/earth day and tree planting. Residents were reminded about Harbour Games and encouraged to visit the Country Club Restaurant featuring improved menu items and special programs. A bow hunting safety course will be offered on 6/23/18 and is a requirement for bow hunting in the Harbour. For more information email directordesmondahpoa@gmail.com. More praise for residents for participating in clean up, planting and the preschool fun run. More dumpsters suggested for Fall. Reminder for the mental health and opioid seminar May 19th at the Harbour Inn. Appreciation for the hard work done by the CVO. Believes a $10k investment for the pilot program for used cruisers is worth the risk for the substantial savings that could be realized.

    Committees: Beautification spoke on the fact that using recycle funds impacts the committee and was cut short went it was felt that the speaker was not reporting on behalf of the committee but as a continuation of
    Open 30 comments. Public Safety spoke on their unanimous approval of the Board’s consideration of the used cruiser program and that they had assigned a liaison to the events committees to coordinate public safety impacts. Marina reported $72,000 in current slip rentals and praised the kayak storage and launch initiative.


    The GM restated the significance of the Board staying within $8k of such a large budget in the last year.

    Neighborhood: New Peace Park fence up, Motion activated security lights in use around the Harbour, storm damage during the last rain minimal, Mosaic screening fence is up, dumpsters were overloaded but County Waste had agreed to pick up all extra items. Turkey buzzards are destroying the Harbour Inn, Marina and homes in the Marina area – special permit to terminate being sought through US Fish and Wildlife, pools being prepared for opening.

    RFID is showing improvement – hot sticks go in tomorrow to narrow lane.

    Bulk Trash Up – The office will be putting information out of free bulk pick up by County Waste (schedules and “within reason”) which definitely would have cut down on the dumpster fiasco. We are awaiting further clarification from CW. Residents are encouraged to donate used furniture to local charities including Michah.

    Northstar – Northstar website/online account management system has failed. Plan B underway. Down payment in full has been requested for return.

    Dredging – Update on research. The identification of how much nitrogen and phosphates are removed from Aquia Creek during dredging could lead to a shared funding proposal with Stafford County. GM will continue to work this angle with experts and county officials.

    CVO Violations – Harbour wading into making repairs when owners do not respond to letters. The repair is made, the neighborhood looks better, the assessments stop and the cost of the repair is added to the lot owners bill. Covenants authorize this specifically. This is not new – it has always been an option but it will be considered more often when it benefits the Association, the membership and the resident involved.

    Golf Course – New memberships are up, Foot Golf (Soccer Golf) coming soon.

    Election Resolution – Pushed to May meeting

    Patricia Harman, AHGM
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Apr 25, 2018.

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