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GM Notes Regular Board Meeting 6-28-17

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes – Patricia Harman
    Regular Board Meeting June 28, 2017
    Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association

    Community Service Award – Two AHPD Officers (Joe Visconti - aka Joey V and Bill Crane) received the Life Saving Award and Gate Guards Arnie Schwartz and Tammie Saffa received the Community Service Award for a call in which the team work displayed by these four employees saved the life of a resident. Great job by these 4 employees. Thank you to Director Desmond for submitting and the Board of Directors for approving and presenting, this award.

    Open 30: Two residents spoke. One on adding a question to the Board nomination process and an objection to the purchase of new IT software and one about not receiving a billing statement.

    Stafford Supervisor Jack Cavalier spoke about the Aquia Town Center and the importance of AH residents sending emails to the Stafford Board Supervisors https://staffordcountyva.gov/319/Board-of-Supervisors to keep this project alive by approving the tax sharing resolution that will be voted on July 5th at 3:00 at the Board Chambers on Courthouse Road. Mr. Cavalier stressed that there is no back up plan and if the Mosaic/Harris Teeter/ tax sharing plan does not go through the shopping center will stay empty and will likely adversely affect Aquia Harbour. The IGM and many residents plan to be there on July 5th at 3:00 to address the Board of Supervisors. He also stressed that both the County and Schools will LOSE needed revenue if this resolution is not passed. He is asking that you tell your County Supervisors to VOTE YES to Harris Teeter.

    Directors Comments included thoughts and prayers for Chairman Stafford BOCS Paul Milde who is recovering from a serious auto accident, support for the Club-Based software being recommended, comments on nominating procedures and a shout out to the CVO (Code Violation Officer) who sent out 223 violation notices last month requesting residents address issues regarding the care of their properties.

    Treasurer’s Report – 98 Lots (of 2344 lots) more than 3Q late. Total outstanding collections down / dues compliance up. 44 liens, 22 wage garnishments, 48 payment plans.

    PPT Presentation starting with the many activities going on in the Harbour kayaking tour, jr. golf classes, summer equestrian camps, barge building team, new grill at Briarpatch, kayak launcher at Delaware, Extended and cleaned AH Stone Wall at Rt. 1 & Washington.

    Aquia Town Center – Reiterated Mr. Cavalier’s concerns that if the vote doesn’t pass Wednesday July 5th we will be stuck with the view of that empty shopping center for another decade. Residents need send emails to the Stafford Board and come to the meeting if they can.

    Electronic Decal – Reported on very well attended TOWN HALL on the electronic decal. A lot of great questions and we handed out the FAQ and policy. (The target date for the distribution of the electronic decals was 7/6 HOWEVER today (7/1) we identified a glitch in the software that will require a correction that could take up to 10 days so now we are looking at mid-July.)

    Engineering Plan for Front Gate Re-design – On hold until the fate of the Town Center is decided on July 5th.

    Broyhill Court – We received a cash offer for a very small patch of land on the OTHER side of bridal path that backs up to our neighbors on Broyhill Court in Brentsmill behind Aquia Harbour. Stafford County values the patch at -0-. The Broyhill Court couple wants the land to have a flat piece to construct their fence. After some discussion, the offer was accepted by majority vote.

    Northstar Global Integrated Club Software – The Board voted to initiate this program immediately to bring the Harbour online and up to date with an interactive website, online account management, push notifications and amenity integration. The start-up cost is $75k. Staff and IT consultants evaluated 6 different programs over the last 4 months and had an outside SLA review of the contract. The funds were approved from the Funded Reserve account by majority vote. Customization will begin in July and takes 3-4 months including on site training. A demo will be scheduled for all interested.

    July 4th – the Community Events Committee and PD are doing their usual outstanding job with prep. Our very barge is done and ready to go and will save us thousands in future year use and we can all look forward to a great event with local celebrity Deputy Deuntay Diggs. Volunteers still needed http://2017ahindependenceday.weebly.com/

    Budget Process – A new budget process was introduced by the IGM and after a few minor changes was approved by majority vote. The new process starts earlier and clearly identified opportunities for resident review and input.

    Harbour Inn – Since we are not replacing the Harbour Inn the renovation continues. A request for up to $14,000 in Funded Reserves was approved by majority vote to replace the floor with waterproof vinyl corked backed flooring and up to $4,500 in unbudgeted improvements from the Operating Fund to repaint the interior. These requests were not made at budget time because the fate of the building at that time was undetermined.

    Briarpatch Ballfield – The GM requested $2,500 from recycle funds to construct a shade structure at Briarpatch ballfields to cover a full sun exposed player/team area that until recently was shaded by Ash trees. A plaque on the structure will thank residents for recycling.
    Fish & Game Committee Charter – Discussion and changes on the charter including questions about the number of members and bow hunting. Charter approved by majority vote after requested changes.

    Nominating Procedures – A director wanted to add a question to the nominating process for Board Members by asking future candidates if they had ever been convicted of a felony - though a conviction would not disqualify the candidate from running. Discussion included a reference to an opinion from our attorney that said the bylaws are clear about the candidate requirements, a desire to follow the bylaws as written and suggestions that candidate night Q&A’s could expose this type of information and allow for members to decide if it would affect their vote. There was no second on the motion.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:35 and 10 minutes later went into Executive Session for write offs, resident requests and personnel issues.

    Following Executive Session and the votes on 6 resident requests the Board voted unanimously to install Patricia Harman as permanent General Manager and Nathan Thompson as permanent Police Chief.

    (I was so excited after that I forgot to write down the time we adjourned! Sorry lol )

    Official minutes will be available following August 9th Board Meeting. Please do not post or forward the GM’s notes.

    Patricia S. Harman
    General Manager
    Aquia Harbour POA
    1221 Washington Drive
    Stafford, Va. 22554
    O) 540-659-3050
    D) 540-699-6683
    C) 703-407-6106

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