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GM Notes Regular Board Meeting 8-2-17

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    Board Work Session – GM Notes
    August 2, 2017 – 7:00 p.m.
    Combined Summer Meeting

    GM Report

    (V) means vote expected next week at the Board Meeting.

    • What’s going on in the neighborhood? Highlights: The success of the July 4th activities thanks to the volunteers, employees and residents; the horse riding camp for 5-9 years old’s went very very well. The camps will generate thousands to offset the cost of the Stables, 2nd Kayak Tour went very well – residents enjoyed a 30% discount from Penguin Paddling to explore our beautiful waters; the playground equipment is in and construction is expected to start between 10-14 days; the one Saturday night pool that didn’t get rained out was great fun and well attended; ice cream truck was a big hit and provides a popular service at no cost to the HOA; Fence was repaired on Washington Drive; railing installed on fishing pier, shade pavilion added to the Briarpatch/Tressler field ball park; and the new floor going down in the Harbour Inn – it’s gorgeous.

    • Board Incentive Resolution – Board Members will be asked to vote on a resolution to waive dues for active Board Members. This is a common practice in HOA’s, does not violate our bylaws and is recommended to offset the many hours the Directors spend away from their families when attending meetings, events, meeting with the county, serving on committees and tending to the business of the community. It is intended to encourage a more participation in the governance of the neighborhood. (V)

    • The GM is asking for a Line Item Adjustment regarding consulting fees to be absorbed by the operating budget in preparation for the many projects underway the need for expert advice as these projects are executed. (V)

    • 2017 Paving – A comprehensive presentation was made on the state of Aquia Harbour roads by the GM and followed up by guest consultant Cheryl Gates. A 5-month long evaluation by the GM, the AH Road Crew and a private consultant is consistent with a 2014 valuation and lists over 50% of Harbour roads in pavement failure. The GM is recommending immediate action to mitigate the damage and offered a 2017 multi-discipline plan of action at a cost of $800k. The GM will be presenting a following up 5-year-plan at the September meeting to rescue Harbour roads from deteriorating into reconstruction which is 3 to 4 times the cost of repair. Tight fiscal management by previous Boards have left the HOA in a position to consider authorizing this aggressive 2017 paving plan in the current budget year. (V)

    • M100 Review – The GM attended an HOA Management Class in preparation for her CMCA exam in December and highlighted several areas including the value of preferred vendors, how to handle and better track the rate of bad debt (bankruptcy) and waivers, the need for a rules and regs manual to assure consistency and fairness; the need for a CFA review and annual financial report to members; the intrinsic value of communication with the membership; the importance of bringing in experts for critical and/or costly projects. The importance of asking 6 questions before creating new rules for members: Is it necessary – is it legal – do you have the authority – is it enforceable - is it fair – and again, is it necessary.

    • Trash Resolution – A trash resolution was presented by the GM who worked with a resident. It would combine dues and trash service – with no increase for Trash Included resident and with a raise next year for Trash Exempt residents. This is a compromise resolution to address the majority approved vote to mandate trash service for all residents by FY20, even those who opted out when it was an option (it’s no longer an option). By having trash excluded residents pay a small fee to opt out they do their part to contribute to the greater good but still maintain their trash exempts status. (V)

    • Dredging Sand Removal – GM and staff have reduced the cost of this project from $155k to $120k and are looking to award the contract, move the sand and get our $40k bond back from the County who are on board with the plan. (V)

    • Horse Donation – A benefactor is offering AH Stables a free horse. His name is Hannibal, he’s 20 years old and is very sweet. He would be primarily used to facilitate the many requests for lessons that have popped up following the horse camp. All lesson funds would go to offset the care of the horse and fund the stables with the profit that is expected to exceed $3K. Directors were encouraged to meet Hannibal in the coming week. (V)

    • Budget FY19 – The FY19 Budget process is underway and on schedule. The GM is reviving a discussion from last year to adjust the incoming budget by .5% to address annual increased cost for the same materials and services. (V)

    • Engineering Contract 2200 Aquia – Following a formal engineering study in 2016, and informal reviews by VDOT and Stafford County Utilities the GM is recommending an engineering proposal to provide monthly monitoring of the movement of the 2200 block of Aquia. Following the 6-month period the firm will make a recommendation on rate of movement, a time-line and short-medium and long-range resolution recommendations. (V)

    • Electronic Decal Update – The GM reported that over a 1000 lot owners have picked up over 4,000 electronic decals in a week’s time and more come in everyday. Residents are encouraged to 1) immediately install their decals on the inside, upper, passenger windshield – to keep their green decal on until the end of the year, to use tape instead of the adhesive if they think they may replace their vehicle in the next 6 years and to watch for news of full activation in the coming weeks. Hardware is in at both front and back gates and testing will be underway soon.

    • Front Gate 2nd Lane Engineering Study – The Board directed the GM to begin the process of constructing the 2nd incoming lane on our own since we still do not know the fate of the Town Center. An engineering study has been priced at $48k for the new lane and redesign of our front gate entrance to make the visitor/resident merge safer. Only the incoming lane is expected to be priced following the study because of the RFID program and the need for the lane extension to accommodate more vehicles in the visitor lane. The time line on this project at break neck speed is 8 months. (V)

    • Global Northstar Club Management Update – The contract is under attorney review and the demo will be done at the Country Club on Tue Aug 15th at 7:00.

    • Reserve Study – The GM lamented the errors and inefficiencies of the 2014 Reserve Study after a full review. (A reserve study is done to plan and save for the replacement of assets) and recommends that we commission a replacement study in Fy19 instead of FY20 as planned. Some of the frustration lies with recommendations like: police cruisers should be expected to last 25 years; Asphalt 40 years; That Aquia Drive and small Coves will deteriorate at the same rate; the incorrect calculation of the square footage of our roads. Grrr!

    A director vacancy was announced as a result of the director moving. With two meetings left before Board elections it does not appear they are considering a replacement appointment. The Board will also be voting on Proxy Voting Procedures (V), Appointment of the Holders of Election (V), Record Date for ballots (V), and a Board Wish List for FY19 Budget Process. (V)

    If you have any questions about these impending issues please feel free to contact me or your Board Members. Board Meeting Wednesday August 9th 7pm Country Club.

    And to all a good night!

    Patricia S. Harman
    General Manager
    Aquia Harbour POA
    1221 Washington Drive
    Stafford, Va. 22554
    O) 540-659-3050
    D) 540-699-6683
    C) 703-407-6106

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