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GM Notes Regular Board Meeting 8-8-17

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    Board Meeting – GM Notes

    August 9, 2017 – 7:00 p.m.

    Combined Summer Meeting

    Open 30: 5 residents spoke in the open 30. Topics included the building fee for new home construction, BPHS Dance Team Fundraiser, status of the Aquia Town Center, a plea to retain the opt-out trash/grandfathered program and a resident unhappy with the Board for funding the electronic gate, enhanced IT services and other improvements.

    Legislative Update – Stafford Board Supervisor Jack Cavalier said he expects the fate of the Aquia Town Center to be evident by next week. Cindy Shelton who won the primary for the Aquia District spoke with residents in attendance about her vision for the district if elected.

    Directors Comments – Directors spoke on various topics including the upcoming HOA Board elections, appreciation of the professionalism and comradery enjoyed by the current Board, Mosaic, the Aquia Town Center and having a plan B for the 2nd incoming lane if Mosaic falls through.

    Treasurer – The treasurer reported just under $5,000,000 in AH accounts including operations, payroll, reserves, new capital projects and contingency funds. He also reported 104 lots 3Q past due. Action taken includes 64 liens, 25 wage garnishments and numerous payment plans.

    Pipe Repairs – The GM identified 5 locations of aging/failing road pipes currently undergoing replacement in anticipation of 2017 paving.

    Staff Meeting – The GM discussed the results of a recent staff meeting where our managers talked about the current challenges with which they are dealing, how they are solving problems, saving or generating funds and what their anticipated needs may be in the next 5 years – which thankfully are all fairly nominal. All will be detailed in the upcoming budget process when managers will be asked to document anticipated reserve needs for the next 5 year period rather than just the upcoming year.

    Board Incentive Resolution: A resolution to waive dues for active Board Members for future Boards. This item was tabled by the Board citing too many neighborhood needs at this time. NO MOTION

    Budget Line Item Adjustment regarding consulting fees to be absorbed by the operating budget in preparation for the many projects underway and the need for expert advice as these projects are executed. Consultants include a CFA (Certified Financial Analysist) review of Harbour investments, road engineers and contract IT support. PASSED

    2017 Paving Project – A comprehensive 5-month evaluation resulted in a recommendation by the GM for 2017 Paving and Road Maintenance. One Director was not able to be present for the full State of the Roads presentation last week and asked that the vote be delayed until he can get caught up. The Directors agreed and will follow up with an electronic vote once the Director’s questions have been answered. NO MOTION

    M100 Review – The GM attended an HOA Management Class in preparation for her CMCA exam in December and highlighted several areas including the value of preferred vendors, how to handle and better track the rate of bad debt (bankruptcy) and waivers, the need for a rules and regs manual to assure consistency and fairness; the need for a CFA review and annual financial report to members; the intrinsic value of communication with the membership; the importance of bringing in experts for critical and/or costly projects. The importance of asking 6 questions before creating new rules for members: Is it necessary – is it legal – do you have the authority – is it enforceable - is it fair – and again, is it necessary.

    Trash Resolution – The previous trash resolution was rescinded by the Director and in its place was a resolution to combine dues and trash service into one bill – WITH NO INCREASE. The two categories of dues starting the 4th quarter will be Trash Included Membership and Trash Excluded Membership. Those who are still grandfathered in the trash excluded program will see an increase in FY19 to cover the “differential” that contributes to the whole community. Any Trash Excluded member found dumping trash in common area trash cans will lose their Trash Excluded status. PASSED

    Dredging Sand Removal – The Board voted to award the sand/dredging spoils removal contract to the low bid of $120k. After which our $40k bond will be returned from the County and the HOA will begin negotiations with County and State leaders on doing their part to help fund the $100,000 a year dredging obligation for Aquia Creek that is currently carried solely by AH. PASSED

    Horse Acquisition – The Board voted to approve the acquisition of one horse for our stables for use by AH Staff for lessons and summer camps. The cost of the care of the horse is to be covered by lesson and camp fees. A profit is expected. PASSED

    Budget FY19 – The FY19 Budget process is underway and on schedule. The GM is reviving a discussion from last year to update the Accounting Manual to reflect incoming budget cycles by 0.5% ($17k) to address annual increased cost for the same materials and services. PASSED

    The Board is still working on their input for the FY19 Budget Process and will present their ideas at the September meeting. NO MOTION

    Engineering Contract 2200 Aquia – Following a formal engineering study in 2016 to evaluate the deep sub-base of the road, and informal reviews by VDOT and Stafford County Utilities, the GM is recommending an engineering proposal to provide monthly monitoring of the movement of the 2200 block of Aquia. Following the 6-month period the firm will make a recommendation on rate of movement, a time-line and short-medium and long-range resolution recommendations. PASSED

    Electronic Decal Update – The GM reported that over a 1,200 lot owners have picked up over 5,000 electronic decals in two weeks time and she praised residents cooperation and staff for working late and weekends and handling the heavy load of visitors to the office as we get this project underway. Residents are encouraged to;

    1) Immediately install decals on the inside, upper, passenger side windshield

    2) Keep green decal on until the end of the year (December 31, 2017)

    3) Consider using tape instead of the adhesive if you think you may replace vehicle in the next 6 years as replacement decals will be $10

    4) Watch for news of full activation in the coming weeks.

    Hardware is in at both front and back gates and testing will be underway soon.

    The GM also advised the Board that with the help of our awesome neighbor at 800 Decatur Road, one lane of the back gate will be expanded to accommodate Widewater Fire Station’s new fire truck that’s a big’n.

    Front Gate 2nd Lane Engineering Study – Tabled by the Directors given that it appears the we will know the fate of the Aquia Town Center soon. NO MOTION

    Global Northstar Club Management Update – The contract has under undergone attorney review and is signed and the demo will be done at the Country Club on Tue Aug 15th at 7:00 p.m. This is the AHPOA’s new POA Management software, website and online accounts management and payment system.

    Reserve Study – The GM notified the Board that she will be requesting a new reserve study in the upcoming budget as confidence in the 2014 study is low and we are not schedule for another until FY20.

    The Board announced a director vacancy as a result of the director moving. With only two meetings left before Board elections they are not considering a replacement appointment.

    Proxy Voting Procedures – Affirmation that one signature rather than two or more (if there are co-owners) validates a proxy vote. PASSED

    Appointment of the Holders of Election - PASSED. Thank you Marsha Work and Verna Long.

    Establish Date for Voting Eligibility - PASSED. October 11, 2017

    Next Board Meetings: Work Session September 20th Board Meeting September 27th

    P. S. School starts in just a few weeks. Please make adjustments for our school buses and give yourself a little extra time. Talk with new drivers about the importance of keeping neighborhood speeds low and no texting. No passing at all of school buses and keep it to 25MPH on the nose during bus hours. Passing a lighted school bus can result in a reckless driving ticket. It takes a Harbour - to keep our kids safe. We need everyone to do their part.

    Thanks! Patricia S. Harman

    General Manager

    Aquia Harbour POA

    1221 Washington Drive

    Stafford, Va. 22554

    O) 540-659-3050

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