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GM Notes Work Session 5/17/17

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, May 17, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes (Harman)
    BoD Work Session
    May 17, 2017
    7:00p - 8:36p

    Board training – This Saturday May 20 at the Country Club will have to be rescheduled as too many directors will be out of town this weekend.

    Back Gate Automation – The vendor (Night Watch) is working hard. Miss Utility, Comcast, Dominion Power and the County are all in the loop. When completed (next 30 days or so) the back gate will still be an emergency gate but will have the capacity to be activated and controlled by electronic decal under certain circumstances and to lock the arms open for egress emergencies.

    Dredging spoils/testing update – Testing results due back any day then a decision will have to be made about moving the dredging sand to its final resting place off Harpoon at the power lines.

    Harbour Inn Status – The roof is DONE. Now onto the flooring. We’ll be pricing both hard flooring and carpet for replacement consideration.

    Outdoor Arena – Construction on the refurbish of the outdoor arena at the stables is underway.

    Fishing signs – Fishing signs indicating RESIDENTS ONLY have been purchased for the Marina fishing pier, Delaware Drive and Potomac Drive fishing Parks.

    Yacht Club Lease electronic vote – The lease will be voted on the Board Meeting next week.

    Engineering Plan for Front Gate – Board members are interested in a fully engineered redesign of the front gate ingress area to make entry safer (referring specifically to the visitor stop sign entry area).This was suggested in the interest of integrating the 2nd incoming lane, correcting the safety issue, initiating the electronic decals, creating a rear station entry for the fire trucks and replacing the front gate building (schedule for replacement under reserves) all at once. An engineer will be procured to create options for consideration and presentation at the June meeting.

    Pool – May 26th – The Board had no objections to the General Manager’s decision to open the Harbour Inn Pool from 10a-10p Friday May 26th (weather permitting) for an open swim BRING ON SUMMER kick for residents off since our kids don’t have school that day. Thank you Jennifer, for suggesting it. It will be officially announced next week after we get a look at the weather forecast.

    FY 19 Budget, Capital Projects Budget & Financial Overview – GM reviewed aspects of the budget process as supported by our bylaws to include specified GM discretion as well as Board authorization to make changes throughout the budget year as the budget process spans three calendar years and adjustments are sometimes necessary as not all needs can be anticipated.

    IT Website & Integrated software – Staff has over 100 hours reviewing integrated technology that will modernize AH accounting, budgets, resident communication, maintenance, reservations, point of sales technology, website, online account management and so much more. Our IT folks really did a great job selecting the right companies to demo and the staff is unanimous in their selection of a program. Next step pricing, references and a recommendation.

    Board Recruitment Incentive – Different variations of dues relief for active sitting Board Directors (of future Boards) were discussed. The recommendation is not yet ready for vote consideration.

    Town Center – Discussion about the Town Center. Speculation but no verifiable updates.

    CVO List (V) – An updated, alphabetical and documented supported CVO List draft was presented for consideration. There are very few changes except that it identifies the origin of authority in our governing documents for various standards. Still under discussion is vehicles being parked in the front area of a lot that are not parked on a driveway or parking pad. The purpose of the update to ensure that as an HOA we are “coloring inside the lines” and reasonable in our expectations and enforcement.

    Broyhill Court request (V) – A very small patch of land with no documented land value has been requested for sale by a Brentsmill neighbor. The Board will consider the offer after attorney review.

    RFID Policy & Town Hall (V) – The DRAFT RFID/Electronic Decal Policy was reviewed with a few changes and will be presented for adoption (of the draft) at the Board Meeting and will not be finalized until after the FAQ Sheet has circulated and a Town Hall has been scheduled and executed.

    Paving Aquia Park Parking Lot (V)A request by the GM to fund the Aquia Park Parking Lot paving project out of the fully funded New Capital Improvements Account.

    Playground Equipment Pricing (V) – The GM priced the Parks Committee proposal for the Briarpatch Park Playground. The cost is $74k (photo attached). Discussion about submission by the Parks Committee of a 5-year plan to revitalize our parks. Request of the fully funded New Capital Improvements Account.

    Draft Nominating Committee Procedures will be made available to the BoD at the Board Meeting.

    Trash Service – A discussion about the 119 residents that opted out of trash service – when the option was available – resurfaced and was discussed. Currently a Resolution makes trash service mandatory for all in FY2020.

    Annual Meeting – The date for the annual meeting was discussed. Directors requested a few alternative dates to be presented at the Board meeting.

    Regular Board Meeting May 24, 2017 7:00pm Country Club 204 Bow Cove

    Patricia S. Harman
    Interim General Manager
    Aquia Harbour Property Owners Assoc.
    1221 Washington Drive
    Stafford, Va. 22554
    Direct 540-699-6683 O)540-659-3050 C) 703-407-6106 Briarpatch Park.jpg
    GM@aquiaharbour.org chiefharmanahpd@gmail.com

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