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Hello! We Will Be in AH Soon!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lou, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Lou

    Lou Junior Member

    Hi, we are a Military family that will be moving into AH in the next 2-3 weeks. Gosh, I have SO many questions! :biggrin:
    Hopefully by posting in the forums, someone will feel sorry for me and answer them all!!
    Have a Great day!
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  2. Molly Flurry

    Molly Flurry New Member

    Hi welcome to the neighborhood (soon anyway)! Hope you will be in the Harbor for the Fourth, there are lots of events and we are having our own fireworks this year!

    If you don't find out what you're ISO here, many folks use the FB page as well:

  3. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    Put me on speed dial! I am questioning answering machine!

    Patricia Harman, Chief of Police
    540-659-4600 or 703-407-6106
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  4. Lou

    Lou Junior Member

    We have never lived in a gated community, with HOA fees. I was under the impression that things like the pool, were free. :dontknow: I guess we have a lot to learn!
    Thank you for the 'welcomes'! We will find out tomorrow just when we will be arriving.
  5. HarbourLites

    HarbourLites Junior Member

    Not to worry, Lou. You'll discover (probably pretty quickly) that fees are [comparatively] low -- and well worth it for the pleasure of living here.
    Welcome, and have a safe trip home!
  6. Lou

    Lou Junior Member

    I hope there are some tweens/teens in our area! My 13 year old is lost because we are moving and she has to leave her best friend.
    Also, does it snow much there? I'm sure it's pretty hot in the summer, but I get mixed answers re winter weather. Sadly we will not make it for July 4th but will be there soon after.
    The stables...strictly boarding or do they do trail rides?
    If anyone can help me with any ideas as to what the 13 year old can do, I'd appreciate it! Here, she does odd jobs to keep her busy and earn some spending money--walks dogs, rakes leaves, with hang out with kids while mom is busy around the house, washes cars, things like that--so when she gets there she will be bored and drive me crazy!

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