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Pools Analysis

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Office, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Office

    Office Business Office

  2. lynnecorso

    lynnecorso Junior Member

    I can't get Part 3 to download uncorrupted. Can you repost it?
  3. Office

    Office Business Office

    Our apologies. Part 3 has been reposted.
  4. Bonnie Nichols

    Bonnie Nichols Junior Member

    I would be interested in knowing the history of general funding for the remaining amenities vs individual fees. For example: Does the same split for the general fund/Harbor subsidy apply to the stables? or to the Preschool? How or who determines the split? I am having a difficult time understanding how the most utilized amenity in the Harbor by the largest number of residents is so costly. We have been residents for over thirteen years and the cost has risen significantly.
    Thank you for providing this forum BTW!
    It is wonderful to be able to discuss the issues openly.
  5. Office

    Office Business Office

    Thank you for your post. We will check on the information you asked for and will post a response here.
    Bonnie Nichols likes this.

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