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RFID/Electonic Decal FAQ

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    Aquia Harbour RFID/Electronic Decal
    FAQ Sheet
    Target Implementation July 17, 2017

    Why are we changing from our current decal operation to electronic decals?

    There are great many advantages to this technology including: Moving from annual replacement of decals to replacing decals as needed every 6-8 years will save significant time and money. Enhanced security through technology with automated vetting of the resident lane which will also record the frequency of gate runners; Instant deactivation of decals on vehicles that are sold or members who move from the community; Encourages timely dues payment as decals of non-compliant members can be deactivated; The option to leave the resident lane open at night instead of closing it as we do now which forces residents to sit in line behind visitors after 10pm.

    What is RFID?
    It stands for radio frequency identification and uses of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency (RF) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object.

    Will this result in a backup of the visitor lane?

    It may, especially at the onset of implementation. The AHPOA has a plan and funding in place to extend the visitor lane all the way to Rt. 1 but that construction is tied to the Aquia Town Center 2nd entrance so the time line is undetermined at this time. Once that lane is constructed the resident lane will be unobstructed by any potential back up in the visitor’s lane.

    Does this mean we will only need one guard at the gate?

    Unfortunately, no. The Visitor Gate Guard is fully immersed in that window, the other guard has to handle the phones, any one denied access on resident side and the police radio and those needs won’t change.

    What do the electronic decals look like?

    They are smaller than the current decals and are virtually clear.

    Does it go in the same place as my current decal?

    No, it goes INSIDE your windshield on the PASSENGER side upper windshield.

    Should I leave my current 2017 Green Decal in place?

    Yes. We would prefer that you leave the 2017 decal in place for the current calendar year i.e. until (Dec. 31st). The new decals do not go in the same place but rather on the passenger side windshield. Electronic decals should be placed INSIDE the windshield.

    Does the electronic decal have to be outwardly visible to work?

    No. You can place it under tinting and it will still read.

    How do I get my new electronic decals?

    In June, an announcement will be made on the sign board, mass media and our internet sites when the decals are available for pick up. Please bring a photo ID. Those who do not pick them up during the pickup time period will receive them in the mail at the address of record.

    How fast do the decals wear out?

    Decals can last up to 8 years but must be placed INSIDE the windshield. Long term direct sunlight can also reduce the life of the electronic decal.

    Will this electronic decal also open the back gate?

    Yes, the automated back gate as well - the decal will work during designated back gate openings. In addition the back gate will have a remote option to open incoming/outgoing bar arm or both for egress/ingress when obstruction protocol is met.

    What about motorcycles?

    The virtually clear decal can be placed on the front windshield, fender or forks but will probably not last as long. It will also need to be secured with a clear tape overlap as the decals are designed to go inside and face out.

    What happens if the power goes out?

    The system has a substantial battery backup system and the Front Gate has a generator.

    Under what circumstances will the office deactivate a decal?

    Unpaid dues, owner notifies us that the vehicle has been sold, tenant or member moves out, court ordered property possession. Reactivation can also be done electronically whenever the problem or issue is corrected but could take up to 72 hours depending on the day of the week, holidays etc. Appeals to this process can be made to the General Manager.

    Will we be able to purchase additional decals for visiting family or frequent guests?

    A program is being considered whereby a member in good standing could purchase extra decals for “permanent visitors”. These would be people that are currently listed in your Gate Sentry log to whom you have given permanent status. This would free up the visitor lane for those that are truly in need of vetting. Visitor decals will be of a different color.

    How much do I have to pay for this new electronic decal?

    During implementation decals will be replaced for free. If you have five 2017 decals registered to your account, you will get five electronic decals. All future new and replacement decals will be $10.00 (subject to change depending on cost of the decal to the POA).

    What information is collected when I pass by the gate and how long will it be stored?

    Your membership information is collected as well as the date and time you passed into the gate. The information will be stored for no more than 7 days.

    What happens when a non-compliant (either a non-compliant resident or non-decaled) vehicle passes by the gate?

    A red light will be activated on the resident side of the gate and an arrow out in front of the gate will direct the vehicle to the visitor lane and the camera system will mark the event.

    If I have to use the visitor lane, how will I prove that I live here?

    Your current AHPOA annual membership card, executed lease, property settlement statement or photo ID with your current AH address.

    Are their health risks associated with RFID technology?

    The FDA is not aware of any adverse events associated with RFID

    Is the system safe from hackers?

    No system is completely safe from intrusion but minimal information will be put into the database, i.e. only what's readily available via public record. The system will also require unique passwords to access and will operate off of our network so it will be under the umbrella of existing substantial security measures.

    Will there be an arm at the front gate?

    An arm is not being considered at this time. It will begin with just a series of automated lights and arrows and the camera system tracking violators.

    What if I don’t want to use the RFID System?

    Your option then is to use the visitor lane and show proof of residency.

    mail questions about the electronic decal system to AHPOA@aquiaharbour.org


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