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Signing Off

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cowboyup, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. cowboyup

    cowboyup Retired Website Administrator

    My wife and I moved to Aquia Harbour in 2007. We found it's unique aspects (marina, older homes, non-cookie cutter, "country" feel", etc...) truly unique (and still unique) anywhere this close to the Washington DC area - while also being somewhat affordable.

    As many of you may recall, I developed this site to replace previous site(s) with the purpose to modernize the interface, combine the gallery and calendar into one platform and set this site up for mobile applications. FaceBook - at the time - was not considered a "professional" hosting platform for a business or community.

    Time sure has changed and so has sites like this. Much of the community discussion has moved to FaceBook and other social media platforms. This site still has value as the "official" face of the Aquia Harbour Property Owner's Association - but I anticipate those types of operations will move to something more "cloud" based (i.e. Office365 or Google Apps for Business)

    One application I find taking Home Owner Associations by storm is "NextDoor". Perhaps this would be a more appropriate platform for something like this.

    This month, March 2017, I will have sold my home on Aquia Drive. This closes out my life in Northern Virginia. It's been a great ride!
  2. Office

    Office Business Office

    Cowboyup - Thank you for all the hours you volunteered creating this website. You got us off to a great start.
  3. Maryanne Kirtley

    Maryanne Kirtley Junior Member

    I didn't know you were selling... :/ Thanks bunches for all your time and effort to putting this together!! Miss you all!

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