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Update Front AND Back Gate

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jan 12, 2018.

  • by Patricia Harman, Jan 12, 2018 at 8:27 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    At long last.... PROGRESS


    Monday 1/15 and Tuesday 1/16 the Chief and the contractor will be running final testing on the Front Gate RFID system so we can activate the red light.

    Here is what we need from you:

    If you have not put your RFID decal on please do this weekend. INSIDE your windshield, below the tint, in the middle of the passenger windshield. See attached photo.

    If you have your RFID decal on and it is all the way to right of the passenger windshield (where there first told us to put it!) or under the tint (where they said it would still read!) please move it to match the attached photo. INSIDE your windshield, below the tint, in the middle of the passenger windshield.

    Please do not exceed 25MPH when passing the gate

    Please to not tailgate as you pass the gate

    Please be patient as we get through this final testing phase as traffic is likely to back up.
    If you are not compliant (dues paid) please use the visitor window and show your license with your Aquia Harbour address or show your 2017-18 membership card. If you have a current payment plan your decal will work. If you need to pay your dues for the 4th quarter the business office will be open on 1/15 - late fees are assessed on 1/16. We'll be open 9:00 to 5:30 and most govt. folks will be off for the holiday so come on by! This will probably be the last time you get to see our smiling faces because the online payment option is moving forward and will be up and running by the next quarter! If you're behind and need a payment plan to get your decal we can help you with that too.


    Also on Monday 1/15 (Sunday night at midnight) you will have FULL TIME 24/7 access to the Back Gate with a current RFID decal. We are under a VDOT permit to evaluate our trip numbers. Use it at will both IN and OUT 24 hours a day through February 14th. At that time VDOT will take a look at the numbers and determine IF and HOW they will consider an extension of the special use permit.

    Please continue to keep Back Gate information off of social media. It unnecessarily agitates our Decatur Rd neighbors and complicates an already complicated process. If you want to share this info with a resident that did not get this email please PM or email them or tell them to call the office.

    Your cooperation and patience throughout this process is greatly appreciated.

    Patricia Harman, AH GM
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jan 12, 2018.

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