1/16/22 – Winter Storm Advisory Update

Updated information as of 16 Jan 1300 Hours

The Incident Command Post for AH has been activated and fully staffed!!

We have a Winter Storm Advisory which currently shows 2-4 inches of snow, with locally higher amounts of up to 6 inches. We are planning for plowable snow, potential 1-2 inches an hour today. We can expect sleet, freezing rain, up to .10 inches. Bitter cold temperatures, refreezing overnight, wind gusts up to 40-50 mph and potential tidal flooding.
We are working to take care of you. Dedicated tree crews cleared problematic trees and branches. We worked to clear debris ahead of the storm. Police and Incident Command are working together to plan for all of your needs and concerns. Police Dept Staff, Gate Staff and Roads & Grounds will be onsite and working through the storm.
We have a large crew of volunteers working together with staff and we will have more resources and support available during this event than the last one.
If you have critical needs during the storm, please call Aquia Harbour dispatch at 540-659-4600. If you can’t get through, please call or text the Incident Public Information Officer at 703 864-8854. (Please write down these numbers in case we lose power and/or internet and you cannot access your computer or social media)
We have volunteer chain saw crews, volunteer medical teams, staff for emergency shelter (if needed), and volunteers to conduct welfare checks and damage assessment. We are also working to establish backup communications, but we do not know if that will occur prior to the storm.
Please take the time to be prepared, but please don’t worry as we have an entire crew working together to make sure the Habour is taken care of.