1/7/22 Storm Update Follow-Up

Harbour Inn will be manned continuously overnight tonight and tomorrow all day. There is plenty of food. Please stop by and pick up if you need food, especially as you make your way back to your home and assume if you have not been on generator power, that all of your cold food is bad. We want to make sure everyone in the harbour who could use food, gets it.

Please continue to call or text 570-592-1249 or, for after hours, 703-864-8854, for any needs if you cannot make it to the Harbour Inn.

Weather update for the night:
-Temperatures tonight will be as low as 16. Assume any wet road, driveway, or walking surface will freeze as soon as the sun goes down and well into the morning. Please stay off the road early tomorrow morning to allow for road crews to be out if needed.