1/8/22 – Storm Update and Recovery

Afternoon Update:

The Aquia Harbour Business Office, Police Department and Front Gate phones are still down and it is being worked on.

Please call 911 for any emergency and first responders will be dispatched per emergency protocols.
For any non-emergency where you need to contact the AHPD, please call the Stafford County non-emergency line 540-658-4400 and they will radio AHPD with the information.

Debris Removal and Trash – We are working with County Waste to identify potential large-scale options to support storm clean up with tree debris and rotten food/trash from the storm. Additional information will be posted once it is confirmed. County Waste will be bringing in extra trucks over the next week or more to help with the removal of storm related yard waste. For it to be removed, yard waste must be either tied in bundles no more than 4’ long or be placed in bags. Bundles and bags must not weigh more than 50lb each. The Christmas tree collection period will be extended so please, if possible, delay putting out your Christmas tree until at least the bulk of the storm related debris has been removed. County Waste recognizes that there will be extra trash due to the storm. Any overflow trash should be placed in bags next to your trashcan. Any spoiled food should be placed in your trash container, safe from animals, and County Waste will make the emptying of trashcans priority. County Waste is facing many challenges but is dedicated to helping our community through this process. Please be patient. In the meantime, the Stafford Landfill on Eskimo Hill Road will temporarily waive fees for yard debris disposal from residents until January 17th. Their hours are Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00pm.

Contractors – As we become aware of tree removal contractors who service the area, we will pass along their information. NOTE: Aquia Harbour does NOT endorse any contractor and residents are encouraged to practice due diligence in contractor selection.
True North Contracting – 540-270-5960 https://truenorthofva.com/

Scams – Please beware of scammers, some of whom are claiming to be Virginia Dominion Power or insurance companies. If you are contacted by someone asking for money or identifying information and you are unsure of the organization’s validity, especially if it is one that you do not normally do business with, either hang up and call that organization’s advertised official number or contact the Sheriff’s office non-emergency number: 540-658-4400.

Harbour Inn – Harbour Inn operations have shut down as of 1:30pm today. A huge thank you to all who supported shelter operations, donated supplies. Countless Harbour residents were helped this week.

Volunteers and Donations – We are collecting a list of names, organizations, and/or businesses who donated their time, supplies, and support to Aquia Harbour residents during this emergency. Please email kms5115@gmail.com if you donated and please note whether you’d be okay being publicly recognized by the AH Board for your support.

Food Safety – A lot of people have questions about food safety. One resource for guidance. If in doubt, throw it out. https://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/food-safety-during-a-power-outage.html

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