1/9/22 – Storm Update & Trash Schedule

The Aquia Harbour police department (AHPD) and the front gate phones continue to be down. Until service has been restored, please call 911 if you have an emergency. To contact the AHPD, i.e. for non-emergency matters, call the Stafford County non-emergency number at 540-658-4400 and they will pass the information on to the AHPD.

Tomorrow, Monday, will be yard waste and recycling pickup. Please remember when putting out yard waste that it must be in a yard waste container (with the lid closed), tied in bundles that are no longer than 4′ and no more than 50lbs each or in bags weighing no more than 50lbs each. County Waste will start collecting yard waste tomorrow and will continue to pick up yard waste over the next several days. If possible, please delay putting out Christmas trees for collection. County Waste will be extending the period of time over which it will collect Christmas trees.

Tuesday – Trash day. If you are putting out spoiled food for collection, please place it in your trash container so that animals cannot access it. Trash that does not fit in the container should be placed in bags, weighing no more than 50lbs each, and placed next to the container. County Waste’s priority will be the emptying of trash containers. Please ensure the lid of your containers are closed.

Clean up continues around the Harbour. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time and efforts in this endeavor and also to those that continue to do so.