11/17/21 Director’s Statement

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Chip Collins and I am currently serving on the Board of Directors. I have served with Shawn Desmond for seven years and he was an extremely dedicated director who did a tremendous amount for this community including but not limited to getting us a quarter of a million dollars from the state for dredging assistance to personally doing all the work for a grant application to get us twenty-five thousand dollars for the fuel tank down at the Marina. I have lived here for over thirty years and am disgusted that we lost such a valuable member of the board to a small number of bullies. Bullying is a problem in this country and I am hoping that none of these bullies have children because that is how that behavior is learned.

I am embarrassed by the behavior of a small minority of the community. At the meeting last Wednesday, the board was actually sworn at by a ten year old right in front of his father and his father did nothing. I am actually hearing about this circus in Fairfax where I work. The decision is made and will not change. My simple request is that you stop this behavior and let the community move on. Thank you.

Shawn, I will miss you on the board. I personally know how hard you worked and your dedication will be missed. I personally hope that you will either reconsider your decision, or return to the board at such time that your schedule allows.

Chip Collins