11/29/21 – Yard Waste Collection

Message from GFL (County Waste) – Yard waste containers on Richmond Drive, Cape Cod Drive, John Paul Jones Drive and Blackbeard Drive were not serviced today and will be picked up first thing tomorrow morning. All debris beside the carts was picked up today.

Architectural Control Committee Schedule Change

Effective immediately, every year going forward, the Architectural Control Committee will only meet on the first and third Wednesday during the months of November, December and January.

11/23/21 – Board Statement

The Board is unable to make any more comments concerning the termination of Nate Thompson pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation.

11/22/21 – Yard Waste Collection

Due to maintenance issues yesterday, yard waste collection for the following roads has been rescheduled to today: Monitor Drive, Stern Cove, Merrimac Drive, Farragut Drive, Midshipman Drive, Stateroom Drive, Harpoon Drive, Schooner Drive, some of Aquia Drive, Atlantic Drive, Richmond Drive, Blackbeard Drive and John Paul Jones Drive.

11/17/21 Director’s Statement

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Chip Collins and I am currently serving on the Board of Directors. I have served with Shawn Desmond for seven years and he was an extremely dedicated director who did a tremendous amount for this community including but not limited to getting us a quarter of a million dollars from the state for dredging assistance to personally doing all the work for a grant application to get us twenty-five thousand dollars for the fuel tank down at the Marina. I have lived here for over thirty years and am disgusted that we lost such a valuable member of the board to a small number of bullies. Bullying is a problem in this country and I am hoping that none of these bullies have children because that is how that behavior is learned.

I am embarrassed by the behavior of a small minority of the community. At the meeting last Wednesday, the board was actually sworn at by a ten year old right in front of his father and his father did nothing. I am actually hearing about this circus in Fairfax where I work. The decision is made and will not change. My simple request is that you stop this behavior and let the community move on. Thank you.

Shawn, I will miss you on the board. I personally know how hard you worked and your dedication will be missed. I personally hope that you will either reconsider your decision, or return to the board at such time that your schedule allows.

Chip Collins

11/15/21 – Yard Waste Collection – 2nd Section

Notice from GFL (County Waste) – Harpoon Drive and some of the surrounding streets that are directly off Harpoon Drive could not be serviced today. To prevent the driver from being in Aquia Harbour late into the night, the driver was asked to return for the day and resume picking up the remaining stops tomorrow morning.

Desmond Resignation from the Board

‘In light of the residents demand for the BOD to resign and to hopefully allow equilibrium to return’ Shawn Desmond has resigned from the AHPOA Board of Directors effective November 12, 2021. We thank him for his many years of service to the community as a member of the AHPOA Board.

11/12/21 – Board Statement

The Board of Directors met Wednesday, November 10th for nearly 6 hours to discuss the termination of Chief Thompson – “without cause” (contractual language). Prior to this meeting, the Board President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents and Treasurer were briefed about this administrative decision by the General Manager before the termination occurred. After all of the BOD members were briefed, five of the seven Board of Directors endorsed the decision of the General Manager. As agreed to by all seven of the BOD, former Chief Thompson will be invited to meet with the General Manager, three members of the board and provided the opportunity to review affidavits and respond to the termination.

11/10/21 Special Board Meeting Update

The Board met until 1 a.m. and a statement will be coming out later today.

11/8/21 Yard Waste Collection Delays

Notice from GFL (formerly County Waste) – The following streets were not serviced today for yard waste: Cape Cod Drive, Blackbeard Drive, Aquia Drive and Washington Drive. To prevent the driver from picking up in the neighborhood late at night, a truck will pick up the remaining stops on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience.