GM Notes Board Meeting 5-27-20

GM Notes

AHPOA Board Meeting

May 27, 2020

Open 30 – No speakers.

Director Comments – Directors urged residents to reach out to them or the GM with concerns or questions regarding community operations rather than using social media as it is not a productive medium to get answers or make constructive suggestions.

Treasurers Report – Balance sheet attached. 67 accounts with the attorney. 52 payment plans.

GM Report

Showcase House of the Month – The Hange Family 2032 Midshipman Drive.

Fireworks – As much as we love our July 4th celebration there is no way facilitate social distancing and safety this year. All July 4th activities, including fireworks, are cancelled.

Everyone has their own feelings about the pandemic and the personal decision to accept or reject the science and/or the recommendations of health officials. However, we are a business, and we have an obligation to cooperate and support state and local government and to more specifically, to err on the side of safety for our residents. We will be sure to make up for it in a big way next year when all this is hopefully behind us. If you decide to host house or block parties, please check and follow recommended guidelines of the day and remember, in general, the only fireworks that are legal without a permit are the ones that don’t leave the ground.

State of the Harbour

BUSINESS OFFICE – The office continues to work remotely and is providing ALL services remotely and phones are operational 24/7 (but if you call after midnight, I might be grouchy!)

PUBLIC SAFETY – Public Safety staff remains at a 100%.

GOLF COURSE – The golf course is open 5 days a week. Tee times and payments accepted by phone. Cart cleaning is done between uses. The Pro Shop remains closed. Social distancing is a requirement. The course will open to 7 days a week starting June 14th.

BARN – Private (one on one lessons) begin next week.

PLAYGROUNDS – Open. No more than 10 people, social distancing, at your own risk etc. Playgrounds will be power washed and sanitized regularly but not daily so please be sure to hand wash before and after.

RFID – To receive a replacement or new RFID decal, drop box or mail a copy of your registration and a check to AHPOA for $15 per decal to the office. You will be notified when the decal is available for pick up at the PD.

MARINA – The Marina is open. As most of this operation takes place outside, Marina operations are going back to regular days and hours effective June 1st. Only one person at a time permitted in Marina office with staff and safety measures are in place.

POOLS – Phase One Operation implemented. The Harbour Inn Pool has been open all week and the Country Club will open this Saturday. Hours at both pools are 10-10. You will be billed after completing an annual swim waiver which is available at the pools. I have suggested to the governors office to allow same-family members in the same lane so you can bring your littles in the lane with you. Have not heard back. NEW LINK to include CC Pool reservations.

• Lap Swim Only

• No more than 10 people at the pool (including life guards)

• Pool deck closed

• One person per lane (not what we wanted but it is a state mandate)

• Through June 12th then we are hoping for a wider opening with less mandates

• Waiver Mandatory (annual pool membership required or daily use rate $3 per use)

• Residents we be billed after receipt of waiver (available at the pools)


Nominating Committee Procedures – Passed. Nominating procedures adopted with an added caveat that signatures may be collected electronically. Interested in running for the Board of Directors? It’s a great way to make a contribution to your community. It’s also a good introduction to local governing and looks great on a resume. Interested? There are 3 openings coming up this November. Email for a “candidate package”. If you declare we’ll set up an electronic petition for you to collect the necessary signatures which are due by September 1st.

Upgraded landscaping front entrance – Passed. The GM will work with the vendor and the Beautification Committee to select the appropriate upgrades from the front wall and front gate quotes. This well be funded from recycle funds.

Friends and Family RFID Decals – Moved to June. The Board is agreeable to the proposal to allow friends and family purchase decals under a detailed contract of identification, sponsorship, compliance and use but they want the front arm activated during the day first to make sure that resident’s decals are working properly before we start adding Friends & Family. Daytime arm use will begin shortly and will be phased in.

Ella Sorrell

As many of you know, sweet 11-year-old Ella Sorrell lost her battle with cancer this week. So many of you have asked how you can help this devastated family. There is a GOFUNDME that was set up last year to help with medical bills and dream trip to Disney for Ella that is still active and still needed. The financial burden of the last year is inconceivable. With the family’s permission, I ask that you please consider helping this Aquia Harbour Family.