GM Notes Board Meeting 9-23-20

GM Notes
AHPOA Board Meeting
September 23, 2020 – 7:00 p.m.
Hybrid In Person/Remote

Open 30 – A lot owner spoke to the Board about receiving letters about the dilapidated condition of his unoccupied property.

Directors Comments: Thank you to staff for keeping things running so smoothly. Thank you to Directors Holder and Collins and the volunteers helping to clear the bridle path. The next clearing will be Monday Sept 28th 9am at 2200 Harpoon Drive. Needed are volunteers, rakes, gloves and blowers.

Treasurers Report: As of Aug 31, 2020 Including Reserves, $5,353,000 on deposit. Cash balances up $347,000 from last month. No Reserve expenditures.

GM Report

Photos: Showcase House of the Month –2129 Harpoon Drive. Thank you, Bennett Family!

Dominion Energy: GM was finally able to secure a regular and reachable liaison at Dominion Power to address entangle tree limbs in the 1300 block of Aquia and at Merrimac/Stern. We have also requested a study regarding the frequency of blown transformers on Harpoon. Thank you, Dominion!

Bridle Path: No request for funds was received regarding Recycle Funds; The survey estimate for Phase III of the Bridle Path came to $2,800 (too much, we’ll be getting other proposals); The request was made to Brentsmill II to allow access through their property from the powerlines to the Bosun Cove access.

Paving – Battleship Cove and Jolly Roger Cove have been paved. Next up 1000 block of Aquia, Nautical Cove, 1400 block Washington and Stern Cove. In-house remediation is allowing for the paving of two additional Coves this year: Portugal Cove and Gulf Cove have been added to the 2020 paving list. Great job Wes & Crew!

Halloween – HEC is planning our outdoor Trunk or Treat event at Harbour Inn & Pool Parking lot on October 31st from 2-5. Residents welcome, pandemic mitigation strategies strongly encouraged. Trunk or Treat is regarded as a safer alternative to trick-or-treating. Trick-or-Treat will be from 6p-9p. Please turn your porch light OFF if you do not intend on participating. Participants are encouraged to social distance and wear masks and reflective clothing. To donate decorations/candy/vehicle for this Trunk-or-Treat contact

National Elections – In the next 8 weeks pollsters and election door knockers will be in Aquia Harbour. They are not violating our policy as they are NOT solicitors (per the Code of VA. If you don’t want to talk to them, either don’t answer the door or post a sign on your door that reads: NO POLITICAL CANVASSING AT THIS ADDRESS). Political yard signs do NOT require approval by the business office and can only be posted on your yards October 2 through November 7th. No more than 3 signs per yard, no larger than 24”X24”.

Electronic Voting – Soon, residents will receive their ballots for this year’s AHPOA Board of Directors Election. Each lot that is current/active will be allowed to case one vote either paper (drop box) or electronic. The election will be decided on October 17th. Thank you to the five residents who are running for three open Board seats and thank you to Chris Greene, Steve Holder and Chip Collins for their service on the Board. There will also be two Meet the Candidates; October 10th & October 15th at the Harbour Inn. More info will be posted on the website as the dates get closer.


Holders of Election – Thank you to Lew Bunch and Deb Caldwell who were sworn in as the Holders of Election for the AHPOA Board election 2020. These two residents will oversee the counting of the ballots and the merging of the electronic voting data results with the paper ballots. Thank you Lew & Deb.

Road Striping – (V) Directors approved a striping proposal not to exceed $30k to update main road striping (yellow & white lines) as well as 8 stop bars and 4 crosswalks to enhance the safety of our roads.

RFID Friends and Family – (V) The Board voted to adopt the RFID Friends & Family Program. This will allow resident’s “permanent guests” to purchase an annual RFID decal for unfettered access to the neighborhood. The cost for this convenience for your visitors (who are going to get in anyway because you have listed them as permanent guests), will help offset the cost of this program for residents. They will also be asked to sign a contract agreeing to obey our speed limit and respect our no solicitation policy. The application is on the website under resident forms.

Boat Launch Ramp Replacement – (V) The Board voted to approve the Reserves replacement of the marina boat ramp.


Patricia S. Harman, CMCA
General Manager
Aquia Harbour POA
1221 Washington Drive
Stafford, Va. 22554
O) 540-659-3050
D) 540-699-6683
C) 703-407-6106