GM Notes Board Work Session 9-16-20

GM Notes
AHPOA Work Session
September 16, 2020 – 7:00 p.m.

Photos: Golf Superintendent John Weigand and Scott Marshall performing greens maintenance; Showcase House of the Month – The Bennett Family at 2129 Harpoon Drive.

GM Report

Annual Meeting: The annual meeting will be a hybrid in person / electronic meeting. October 17th, Saturday, 10am – 12 noon, Country Club.

House of the Month – 2129 Harpoon Drive Thank you Bennett Family for making our community shine!

RFID Friends and Family – The pilot program has concluded without incident and is being recommended to the Board of Directors. This program will allow resident’s “permanent guests” to purchase RFID decals for unfettered access to the neighborhood. The cost for this convenience for your visitors (who are going to get in anyway because you have listed them as permanent guests), will help offset the cost of this program for residents. They will also be asked to sign a contract agreeing to obey our speed limit and respect our no solicitation policy. If approved, the application form will be added to the website and requires a resident sponsor.

Golf Carts Policy – The Board is considering a suggestion to allow the regular use of golf carts on our roads (currently, you must traveling to or from the golf course). This is legal under the Va. Code. They will revisit the idea in October. If you have input on this idea please submit it to

Bridle Path Policy – A draft policy was created. It has been reviewed by the Public Safety Committee and is being reviewed by the Bridle Path Group and the Police Department. If you would like a copy email me at The Directors will revisit this policy when path clearing (by volunteers) is further along.

Update: Paving, Spoils Removal – The trucks have begun removal of the Aquia Creek spoils. Its going to take a while, but if they can take it all it will save us a fortune in removal. Thank you Graystone Masonary. Battleship Cove and Jolly Roger Cove have been paved. Next up 1000 block of Aquia, Nautical Cove, 1400 block Washington and Stern Cove.

COVID/ VA ETS Compliance – The GM reviewed the numerous requirements from the state regarding Virginia Businesses and 16VAC25-220 ETS Compliance.

Halloween – HEC is planning our outdoor Trunk or Treat event at Harbour Inn & Pool Parking lot on October 31st from 2-5. Trunk or Treat is regarded as a safer alternative to trick-or-treating. Trick-or-Treat will be from 6p-9p. Please turn your porch light OFF if you do not intend on participating. Participants are encouraged to social distance and wear masks and reflective clothing. To donate decorations/candy/vehicle for this Trunk-or-Treat contact


Road Striping (V) – The Board reviewed multiple proposals for road stripping.

Boat Ramp (V) – The Board reviewed multiple proposals for redoing the Marina Boat ramp.

Potential Votes for Regular Meeting 9-23-20
Road Striping (V)
Boat Ramp (V)
RFID Friends & Family (V)
Nominating Committee Appointment (V)

Meeting ended 7:34pm

Be Well Aquia!
Patricia Harman, GM