GM Notes Regular Board Meeting 10-28-20

AHPOA Board Meeting
October 28, 2020 7pm
GM Notes

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE – Congressman Rob Wittman joined the Board remotely to provide a legislative update he was originally scheduled to provide in March (that meeting was cancelled). He provided information on the COVID Relief Program indicating whenever they are able to get it passed, he expects it to include PPE, schools and local assistance and be retroactive to Aug 18th. He discussed the Great American Outdoors Act that just passed, and the American Conservation Enhancement Act. He also discussed the long bridge expansion over the Potomac to expand VRE service, the hot lane expansion to Rt. 3 and eventually to Spotsylvania and the FCC’s auctioning of blocks related to broad band for areas meeting certain deficiency criteria.
THANK YOU – Thank you so much to the holders of election Lew Bunch & Deb Caldwell as well as the vote counters and the Nominating Committee.

NEW BOARD – New Board Directors were sworn in and officers were elected. President – Jack Cavalier, 1st Vice President Keith Eden, 2nd Vice President Jim Camic, Treasurer – Chip Collins. Directors at large, Katie Kitzmiller, Alexis Harvey & Shawn Desmond. Your new Board!

TREASURER’S REPORT – $5,009,000 on deposit.

DIRECTORS COMMENTS Included thanks to departing Directors Chris Greene and Steve Holder and welcome to Directors Jack Cavalier and Keith Eden. Thank you to the residents for voting and thank you to Directors Kitzmiller and Alexis Harvey for their leadership over the past 3 years. Thank you to staff and appreciation for all of the board candidates.


• Congratulations and thank you to The Morrison Family 2012 Aquia Drive on being selected Showcase House of the Month.

• Looked into road reflectors imbedded in the pavement. One mile would be $6,700. Will continue to price them.

• Our striping contractor of three years (new foreman) made a mess of our roads. They spent last night cleaning it up and I am dealing with someone up the chain to find out how a spotless service record went so wrong and what they are going to do to correct the situation before they come back to finish the job. They won’t be paid until we are satisfied.

• Bridle Path – Brentsmill declined our request to cross part of their property to access the path.

• Path Extension – Road and Grounds is going to take on the task of connecting the golf course to the path at Aquia Park later this year. It will be a crushed gravel or mulch path but it will create six miles of walking trail/path from the golf course to Government Island.


Riprap – The riprap (shoreline rock) was approved for Schnopp Park. Any waterfront/back resident in need of shoreline stabilization is welcome to contact the contractor who has agreed to waive his mobilization fee if he can set up the work for the same time as the Schnopp Park project. Robin DeBernard

Dredging Brief – The Dredging Brief was approved for targeted distribution. Any resident interested can get a copy by emailing the GM at The purpose of the brief is to educate, inform and get local, state, FEMA funding assistance related our dredging issues.

Board Calendar – The 2021 Board Calendar was approved. Work Sessions the 3rd Wed. Board Meetings the 4th Wed. July and November – breaks.

Committee Assignments – The Finance Committee was approved, thank you to these six volunteers and Directors volunteered to fill committee Board assignments.

Telephonic Vote – The Board affirmed that by a telephonic vote conducted on September 28, 2020, the board unanimously approved the voting instructions as presented.

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