GM Notes Regular Board Meeting 8-26-20

GM Notes
AHPOA Regular Board Meeting


Moment of silence for first responders and residents of Texas and Louisiana.

Photos: Shred Event, Cub Scouts Food Drive, Tree Down Farragut,

Open 30: No speakers

Reports: Legislative update: Info from Supervisor Allen, Director Comments, Treasurers report

GM Report: Showcase house of the month 3705 Aquia Drive, Pools Hours Changing, Annual Meeting, 1st Quarter Financial Comparison, Maryanne’s List (Aquia Harbour Resident Businesses)

Board Report: Preschool Lease (V), Telephonic Vote (V), Electronic Voting (V), Meet the Candidates Protocol (V), Residents Pets visiting AH buildings (V), 2020 Paving Proposal (V), Office Waiver (V), Golf Course Equipment (V), Maryanne’s List (V)

Details Details

A moment of silence for first responders and residents of Texas and Louisiana

Photos: Shred Event, Cub Scouts Food Drive, Tree Down Farragut & Stateroom

Open 30: No speakers

Legislative update: Info from Supervisor Allen
• Providing internet for all of Stafford County a priority
• Tax rate flat at .97 instead of the initial plan of $1.03
• Smart City Technology
• The Garrison / ATC – no update available
• Replacement of the Courthouse slated for 2029
• New high school probably 6 years out. No site yet but looking at Hartwood for this 136 – 150 million-dollar project.
• 4 Board seats up next year. Aquia, Falmouth, Garrisonville & Hartwood
• Facilitated discussion with AH & County Administrator regarding dredging & erosion Aquia Creek

Director Comments – Encouragement to residents to let the AHPOA know what we can do to help in this unprecedented time including revisiting the food pantry idea if needed; Thoughts and prayers to the people of TX & LA and for any residents who have family in the path Hurricane Laura; Thank you to County Supervisors and the GM for keeping the flow of information open with the County in support of the community; Appreciate the adaptability being shown by residents and staff during the pandemic; Thank you to staff members Wes Riley, Ray Parsons, Jerry Brown, the Parks Committee and the volunteers who have helped with clearing the Bridle Path; Support and solidarity offered to parents who are about to undertake virtual learning and encouragement for parents and neighbors to support each other where they can; Thank you to the enthusiastic Stables Manager for talking with two directors about Stables operations, it was much appreciated; Proud of the community’s resilience and resourcefulness during the pandemic and recent storms.

Treasurers Report – Account Balances May $5,156,000 June 5,184,000 July 4,706,000

Annual Meeting – A hybrid meeting determined not to be in violation of Board Policy. September Regular Board Meeting will be a test of the hybrid system. Directors will convene at the Country Club on Sept 23rd to conduct the Board Meeting using social distancing, and lap tops to keep the electronic meeting option open.

GM Report

Showcase: Our showcase house of the month is 3705 Aquia Drive. Thank you to the Kolodzinski/Muilenburg Family for making our neighborhood shine!

Pools Hours Changing: When Stafford County Schools made the decision to start school mid-August last year, it impacted our ability to provide lifeguards through Labor Day. As a result, our pools schedule shifted to open earlier in May and close earlier at the end of summer to coincide with school opening. However, because of our limited season this year due to COVID19, we have arranged an adjusted extension for the Harbour Inn Pool through September 20th – weather permitting:

Country Club Pool Closed for the season Effective August 31st

Harbour Inn Pool Closed for the season Effective September 20th
Harbour Inn Pool Hours Effective August 31st – Sept 20th Weekdays 4pm – 8pm Weekends 11am – 8pm; Mermaid Water Aerobics extended through September 18th, Early morning Lap Swim Extended through September 20th.

Thank you to our lifeguards for making this extension possible. Pool membership is required or daily visits for residents and guests at $3 per visit.

1st Quarter Financial Comparison – COVID19 related losses include pool, venue rental and horseback riding revenue. Dues compliance UP from last year, golf revenue UP and accounts balance UP by $273k. We’re okay.

Board of Directors

Maryanne’s List (V) Passed – Named for our beloved friend Maryanne Kirtley. If you live here and you have a business or provide a service, you can be on the list which will be posted on our website. Residents will have to do their own vetting though, this will be a directory, not a recommendation. This is new directory for residents to post their services and businesses for their neighbors. It will be added to the website September 1st. If you are a resident and have a business or service to offer you can download the application from “resident forms” at (should be up by Friday). This service is free to residents.

Preschool Lease (V) – Passed. A 3-year lease will be provided for the Preschool.

Telephonic Vote (V) – Passed. Confirmation of a telephonic vote (necessary due to bylaw deadline) to install Lew Bunch and Rob Richon as the Holders of Election for the upcoming Board Election.

Electronic Voting (V) – Passed. At long last the AHPOA Board of Director elections will have multiple options this year; Electronic vote, paper ballot mail in or drop box or submit at the annual meeting. A quorum is needed and we appreciate you taking the time to vote. Candidate packets are due Sept 1st. Information, ballots and lot specific code for electronic voting go out October 1st.

Meet the Candidates Protocol (V) – Passed. General guidelines for the Meet the Candidates meetings.

Residents Pets visiting AH buildings (V) – Passed. The resolution prohibiting residents from bringing their pets in and on AHPOA buildings and vehicles has been rescinded. It doesn’t come up often, but we are a pet loving neighborhood and occasionally residents want to bring their furry friends by for a quick visit (Motion to fully rescind the AHPOA Animals Policy in favor of onsite managers making reasonable and responsible determinations regarding pets in and on AHPOA Property).

2020 Paving Proposal (V) – Passed. This includes the September paving of – Jolly Roger Cove, Nautical Cove, Aquia Drive from the PD to Columbus Cove, 1400 Washington from the tennis courts to Harbour Inn, Battleship Cove, Stern Cove, remediation of problem areas to include Titanic @ Constitution, Portugal @ Columbus, Reclamite longevity treatment and finishing up with fresh/reflective striping of newly paved areas and our main drags. R&G has been working hard to prepare the roads for paving – hence the gravel patches.

Office Waiver (V) – Passed. The Business Office was authorized to waive one late fee per lot per every two fiscal years on behalf of the Board when the circumstances are appropriate.

Golf Course Equipment (V) – Passed. The golf superintendent was authorized to sell two pieces of existing equipment that aren’t being used and put toward a tractor/mower of lesser value that will be used often. Three bids and sale of equipment required before purchase.

Added to agenda: Brief discussions on employee health care costs and the need for a survey beyond Wave Drive for the bridle path.

8:02 pm

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting (hybrid) – Wednesday Sept. 23rd Country Club 7pm

Annual Meeting (hybrid) – Saturday October 17th Country Club

Trunk or Treat – Saturday October 31st Harbour Inn Parking Lot

Holiday Craft Fair – Saturday November 14th Harbour Inn Parking Lot

Patricia Harman, AHGM