GM Notes Work Session 10-21-20

AHPOA Board Work Session
October 21, 2020 7pm
GM Notes

GM Report
Annual Meeting & Elections – Thank you to all five candidates. We welcome Jack Cavalier and Keith Eden to the Board and Chip Collins back to the Board! There were 545 votes cast, 40% of those were cast electronically. No glitches. Thank you residents!

Employee of the Year – Congratulation to AHPOA Employee of the Year Arnie Schwartz, Front Gate.

Showcase House of the Month – Thank you Morrison Family 2012 Aquia Drive aka: The Roses Lady. We appreciate your beautiful yard year-round.

Dinner Under the Stars – This outdoor dinner at the Country was a big hit. Thank you George, Teresa and staff for continually coming up with ways to stay safely engaged during this pandemic.

Dog Park – The fence repair is complete at the Dog Park located behind the paddocks across from the barn at 1200 Aquia Drive.

Golf Cart Policy – After discussion and review of input from many residents raising safety issues, the Board determined not to advance this item to the agenda next week. The golf cart policy will remain as is – to and from the golf course only. Thank you, residents for your input.

Stables – The concreting of the center aisle has been completed and looks great.

Paving – Paving is complete and the remainder of the striping will be done the week of 10/26.

Regular Board Meeting & Board Training – A Saturday Board Training session will be researched and set up for a Saturday in November. The October 28th Board Meeting will be hybrid. Additional mics will be set up for better comms for those joining us electronically.

Halloween – CDC guidelines recommend passing on “traditional” Halloween fun this year. The HEC is hosting their trunk-or-treat but modifications have been made to address COVID19 risks. Halloween is a calendar event not an AHPOA event. Trick or treaters are usually out and about between 6p-9p. If you decide to participate in trick or treat we recommend following mitigation guidelines If you don’t plan to participate, please leave your porch light off until after 9pm.

Riprap – Schnopp Park Our shoreline is collapsing at the Schnopp Park fishing park across from Briarpatch. We anticipated this cost after a meeting with DCR last year so we budgeted for it. The contractor has also agreed to waive his mobilization fee for any resident in need of shoreline stabilization so long as it can be done in tandem with the Schnopp Park project. Those interested should contact

Lusitania 3-way to 2-way Stop – The intersection of Lusitania and Aquia has been changed from a 3-way stop to a 2-way stop following a resident recommendation and a concurrence by staff. We didn’t do a very good job of getting the word out ahead of time. Sorry about that.

Fall Prep List – Fall action lists are underway and include winterizing buildings, leaf pick up, powerwashing street signs, playground hardware inspection (Briarpatch Swing fixed) & powerwash, mulch replenishment, pruning, pool covering, holiday decorations and trim and mow the shoulders. There are two leave pick up companies offering deals to Aquia Harbour residents this year. Southern Wind 641-223-1477 and Keyes Landscaping 540-424-7330 both offering $90 Aquia Harbour specials. You rake your leaves to the bottom of the driveway. They come suck them up with a leaf sucker-upper!

Barn Meeting 10-29-20 @ Stables @7:00 Open to tenants, Directors and staff we will be discussing FY22 Budget, winterizing and Reserve improvements. Bring a chair!

OSHA Certification – John Frank is now our newly certified OSHA dude. That guy wears a lot of hats! Thank you John.

Walking Path Extension – The estimate to create a paved trail connecting Aquia Park to the golf course was $90K. (insert buzzer here) The idea was to create 6 miles of pave and path from the golf course cart path loop to the Government Island trail for residents to use instead of our busy roads. It’s a good idea and we’re going to stick with it and see what we can get done with the considerably smaller line item we set aside for this. ($15k)

Bridle Path – The first survey was too expensive, the other two surveyors were not responsive. Still trying to find someone to survey Phase III. Brentsmill was asked for a small access to connect the parking area to Bosun Cove. They called this morning and declined our request.
Board Items

Congressman Wittman – Congressman Wittman will be our guest for the legislative update portion of the meeting next week. He will be joining us electronically. Every year, the Board generates a letter of congratulations/introduction to the representatives of our district (local/state/fed). Included in the letter is an open invitation to come to a meeting and provide a legislative update. His office contacted us in

January to attend the April meeting, but then COVID hit. Now that we are back to hybrid meetings he is going to provide the legislative update expected in April.

Board Meeting Calendar (V) – The Board will vote on their 2021 calendar.

Replacement of Director(s) on Committees – (V) New Director committee assignments.

Finance Committee Appointments – (V) Finance Committee appointments. We still need one more volunteer. Please email with a short paragraph about yourself. Its about 6 evening meetings between Nov 1 – Dec 10th.

Marina Committee Request for Restrooms Remodeling & Improvement – The GM will start to gather bids for the remodel or complete replacement of the Marina bathrooms. This is a Reserve item that first appeared on the Reserve list in 2017.

Meeting adjourned 7:58

Patricia Harman, AHGM