GM Notes Work Session 8-19-20

GM Notes
AHPOA Board Work Session


Events: Traffic Stop Program, Blood Drive, Shred Event.

GM Report: Dredging Spoils, COVID19, Maryanne’s List, FY22 Budget Prep, Annual Meeting, RFID Update.

Board Report: Bridle path, Animals, Electronic Voting, Meet the Candidates Protocol, Paving Proposal, Preschool Contract, Stables, Office Waiver, Golf Course Equipment swap, non-resident Boat launch fee.

Details Details

PHOTOS: Linda’s Lighthouse (a resident has an idea for a wooden lighthouse at the marina), ISAIAS flooding, Kids Summer Equestrian Camps.

AHPD TRAFFIC STOP PROGRAM – The Chief facilitate this well received program with NAACP and Brooke Point High School. Both Stafford County residents and many Harbour residents participated in this event where new drivers were given the experience of being stopped by the police in a controlled environment.

RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE – Sunday August 30 9a-2p Harbour Inn

SHRED EVENT – September 12th AHPD will host a shred event, free to residents at Aquia Park from 9 – Noon. Two boxes per vehicle.

DREDGING SPOILS – Though they haven’t come through yet we are still hopeful that Greystone Masonry intends to take 9kCY of dirt/sand (spoils) off our hands and out of our Harbour. Residents are free to take whatever they like from the site on spoils site on Channel Cove in the meantime. This was all pulled from the creek to open the channel.

COVID19 Update – The current first quarter analysis reflects a minimal net impact to the AHPOA. The Business Office and Pro-shop will continue to operate remotely.

MARYANNE’S LIST – A play on Angie’s List, the Board is considering allowing the GM to create a list of Harbour residents on our website who offer services; insurance, dog walking, painting, landscaping contractor, baker, yadda, yadda, yadda. If you live here and you have a business or provide a service, you can be on the site. Residents will have to do their own vetting though, this will be a directory, not a recommendation. Named for our beloved friend Maryanne Kirtley. (V)

FY22 BUDGET PREPERATION – Staff is beginning to prepare next year’s budget for review. The time line is Managers & GM Aug-Oct, Finance Committee Nov, Board of Directors Dec, Board Vote Jan-Feb 2021. The new budget would go into effect April 1, 2021 and ‘conservative’ is the word that is likely to carry the day.

ANNUAL MEETING – The annual meeting will be held on Saturday October 17th. As of now, the Board intends to try to put together a hybrid meeting of socially distant in person and electronic.

RFID – The Chief has been running periodic drills at the Front Gate by dropping the gate arm during the day. Accuracy is high but still not as high as we would like. We want to make sure we’re not going to be creating traffic jams. White backed decals seem to work best and Ford windshields seem to do better with headlight decals. If your decal is not working please call the office at 540-659-3050 to discuss options. These drills will continue.

Board of Directors

Bridle Path – The bridle path continues to be cleared by volunteers and they are working to connect a newly formed parking area on the power lines with the Bosun Cove path entrance.

Animals – There was a discussion about back yard chickens and a determination that between Stafford Zoning and our covenants (in place til 2039) there was no discussion to be had. There was also a discussion about rescinding an outdated rule about animals occasionally visiting Aquia Harbour buildings. (V)

Electronic Voting Policy – At long last the AHPOA Board of Director elections will have multiple options this year; Electronic vote, paper ballot mail in or drop box or submit at the annual meeting. A quorum is needed and we appreciate you taking the time to vote. Candidate packets are due Sept 1st. Information and ballots go out October 1st. (V)

Meet the Candidates Protocol – A go-by to ensure consistency and fairnessat the Meet the Candidates meetings. (V)

Paving Proposal – AHPOA entered into a 7-year paving contract in order to lock in asphalt pricing and catch up on our paving needs. This year’s proposal includes the September paving of – Jolly Roger Cove, Nautical Cove, Aquia Drive from the PD to Columbus Cove, 1400 Washington from the tennis courts to Harbour Inn, Battleship Cove, Stern Cove, remediation of problem areas to include Titanic @ Constitution, Portugal @ Columbus, Reclamite longevity treatment and finishing up with fresh/reflective striping of newly paved areas and our main drags. R&G has been working hard to prepare the roads for paving – hence the gravel patches. (V)

Preschool Contract – The AH Preschool is a private business and a lease holder. The lease is up for renewal. (V)

Stables – The full/partial care programs and lesson programs are going very well but are costing more than expected. The GM will continue to monitor this monthly and the Board will revisit these programs in December.

Waiver – The Business Office is asking for permission to waive one late fee per year on behalf of the Board when the circumstances are appropriate. (V)

Golf Course Equipment – The new golf superintendent is looking to trade/sell two pieces of existing equipment that aren’t used much for a tractor/mower of lesser value that will be used often. (V)

Non-Resident Boat Launch Fee – The Board agreed to allow the GM to change the fee from $40 to $20 to be more in line with area marinas and increase use and revenue.

That’s it! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and kind. The Regular Board Meeting will take place on Wednesday August 26th at 7pm. If you would like to be added to the electronic meeting invitation please email to be added to the standing list. Thank you to all who joined us last night.

Patricia Harman, AHGM