Job Posting – Part-Time Gate Guard Dispatcher

Searching for dedicated individuals in the following areas:

Gate Services

Primary functions of security personnel are to Control access to Aquia Harbour and create accountability for visitors. Sustain honest and professional communication between Security Personnel and Police Officers about security related issues in the Harbour. Greet all visitors with courtesy and professionalism. Assist callers in every manner possible to be sure that their concerns or questions are addressed. When feasible, provide an explanation to callers on the course of action being taken on their request. Refer any personnel or administrative complaints to the supervisor. Provide assistance to other Public Safety agencies.

Dispatch Services

Primary functions of dispatch personnel are to serve as the Aquia Harbour specific dispatcher for AHPD police officers. Monitor radio communication from police officers. Coordinate the response of units from different Public Safety agencies with regards to scene security & safety to include the Fire Department, SSO, AHPOA Personnel and utility companies. Relay information about scene hazards, call history and intelligence to responding units. Monitor police radio and transmissions on the Aquia Police Channel at all times. Document all calls, officer traffic, and your actions pertaining to calls in CAD. Always be prepared copy emergency radio traffic.

Résumés should be emailed to Email for more information.