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Stafford Fire Fighting

Stafford has numerous Fire and Rescue Stations ready to assist our Rescue Squad should the need arise.

(Click on the above graphic to be taken to the Stafford County Emergency Services website)

The Fire and Rescue Departments serve a county, which is 247 square miles, and home to over 114,000 citizens. This is accomplished through the use of a combination volunteer/career workforce which includes approximately 300 volunteers and 55 career personnel. These personnel responded to over 18,000 emergency responses during 2004. Stafford County is the 4th fastest growing county in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Falmouth Volunteer Fireman's Assn., Inc.
P.O. Box 5056
250 Butler Rd. (22405)
Falmouth, Virginia 22403

Company 1-Rescue 11

Stafford Volunteer Rescue Squad
P.O. Box 414
2147 Jeff Davis Hwy.
Stafford, Virginia 22555

Rescue 1

Stafford Volunteer Firemen's Assn., Inc.
P.O. Box 127
2080 Jeff Davis Hwy.
Stafford, Virginia 22555

Company 2

Widewater Volunteer Firemen's Assn., Inc.
749 Widewater Road
Stafford, Virginia 22554

Company 3-Rescue 3

Mountain View Vol. Rescue Squad
1268 Mountain View Road
Falmouth, Virginia 22406

Rescue 4

Mountain View Vol. Fire & Safety Assn., Inc.
P. O. Box 2528
924 Kellogg Mill Rd.
Stafford, Virginia 22555

Company 4

Brooke Fire Safety Assn., Inc.
P.O. Box 41
222 Andrew Chapel Rd.
Brooke, Virginia 22430

Company 5-Rescue

Hartwood Volunteer Firemen's Assn., Inc.
P.O. Box 22
67 Hartwood Church Rd.
Hartwood, Virginia 22471

Company 6-Rescue 6

White Oak Volunteer Fire Assn., Inc.
12 Newton Road
Falmouth, Virginia 22405

Company 7

White Oak Volunteer Rescue Squad
P.O. Box 5603
535 White Oak Rd.
Falmouth, Virginia 22403

Rescue 7

Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc.
P.O. Box 135
2133 Garrisonville Rd.
Ruby, Virginia 22545

Company 8

Rock Hill Volunteer Rescue Squad
P.O. Box 108
1565 Garrisonville Rd
Ruby, Virginia 22545

Rescue 8

Aquia Harbour Volunteer Rescue Squad
P.O. Box 1294
1001 Washington Dr.
Stafford, Virginia 22555

Rescue 9

Potomac Hills Volunteer Fire & Rescue
749 Widewater Road
Stafford, Virginia 22554

Company 10-Rescue 10

Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services
P.O. Box 339
1300 Courthouse Rd.
Stafford, Virginia 22555-0339

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