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Pool Rules


Membership: Membership in the AHPOA pools is limited to residents who are, in accordance with the By-Laws of the association, members in good standing or non-residents who have paid the non-resident fee, including immediate family members who reside in the household. Visiting family members must pay the daily guest fee of $3.00 per visit.

Pool Use:
A. Use of the pool facility is for active members or their designated tenants and their guest and non-member annual pool membership holders.
B. All members must check in at the pool house and render a valid ID (membership card or proof of address) upon entering the pool house. Children under four (4) are free.
C. Members may also provide a 3-point identification on their account as proof of residency. Lifeguards will have access to membership information but NOT account information.
D. Members 12-15, who are not accompanied by a parent, are permitted a maximum of one (1) daily guest provided the guest is 12 or older and must have proof of residency (membership card).
E. Members 12 and older are allowed to enter the pool unaccompanied by a parent with verified residency.
F. Members must accompany their guests and will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.
G. Members are reminded that all AH Pools have surveillance cameras in use.

Special Events: The Country Club pool is closed to the public during all Dolphin home swim meets. After 3pm on June 20th and 27th and on July 11th.


Risk: All persons using the AHPOA pool do so at their own risk. The Aquia Harbour POA assumes NO responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss and/or damage to personal property.
Agreement: Anyone using the pool agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this document. All residents are responsible for the actions of their minor children and their guests. Unauthorized use of the pool after hours will be treated as trespassing and violators will be prosecuted.
Special Use: Use of the pool for after-hours parties will require notification of the on-site pool manager at least one (1) week in advance of the party before setting up the contract with the Business Office. For Children pool parties, one adult chaperon with a valid pool pass is required for every four (4) children under the age of twelve (12).
Patio Rental: Rental of the “Patio” during pool hours for special events must be arranged with the business office for a fee of $25 an hour. Use of the patio during regular pool hours is only authorized when the Harbour Inn is not in use and the patio has not been reserved for a function. The patio may not be monopolized for a private function without arrangement and authorization from the Business Office.
Day Care Visits: Day care memberships using the services of the pool must abide by a 3-1 chaperone ratio for children under four (4) and must agree to a 4-1 ratio for children 4 and older. This ratio is not negotiable.


Pool Management: The pool manager and lifeguards have the responsibility and authority regarding the operation of the pool and the conduct of users of the facility during scheduled operating hours.
A. All persons unable to demonstrate swimming proficiency to the lifeguards are not permitted in deep water (water deeper than 4 feet). Swimming proficiency is defined as the ability to swim one (1) full length of the pool without resting, and the ability to tread water for one minute.
B. All persons shall obey the instructions of the pool managers and lifeguards.
C. Persons must stay clear of life guard stations and not loiter at the check-in desk.
Health and Sanitation:
A. Proper swimming attire must be worn in the water. No jeans or cutoffs are permitted.
B. All persons must shower prior to entering the pool.
C. Persons having a cold, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections, nasal or ear discharge, open sores or wearing bandages may not use the pool.
D. Spouting of water, blowing noses and other similar unhygienic action are not permitted.
E. Any person who is incontinent, or children who are not potty-trained must wear appropriate waterproof clothing. Cloth diapers with snugly fitting rubber pants or swim diapers must be worn by babies/toddlers in the main pool. Any types of disposable diapers are not permitted because they can clog the filter system. In the event of an unsanitary mishap, pool staff must be notified immediately.
F. Drugs are not permitted, except those prescribed for medical purposes.
G. Cigarettes and all other tobacco products are prohibited in the pool area.
H. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. Person suspected of being intoxicated will not be permitted in the pool area at any time.
A. Children 12 years of age and older, may enter the pool unaccompanied by a parent, as long as they are able to show proof of residency and pool membership.
B. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible person. Should pool management deem it necessary for the safety of the child, a basic swim test will be given by the pool manager or his/her designee. If a child is unable to pass the test, the child will be limited to the shallow ropedoff area of the pool unless accompanied by a parent or a responsible person sixteen (16) or older.
C. All children under 18 must exit the main pool for ten-minute break every hour.
D. Children under the age 4 are not required to have proof of membership.
E. Children under the age of 4 must meet a 3-1 chaperone ratio.
F. Lifeguards are there for emergency rescue and rules compliance. Parents are required to monitor and supervise their children at all times.
Food and Drinks:
A. Food & Drinks may be consumed in snack bar area, Harbour Inn Patio area and, as a trial program, on the pool deck.
B. Trash must be picked up regularly to keep it from blowing into the pool.
C. All trash must be placed in containers provided for this purpose.
Prohibited in Pool Area:
A. NO gum will be permitted in the pool facility.
B. NO glass containers or breakable objects in the pool facility.
C. Playpens and wheeled vehicles are NOT permitted in pool area except for wheelchairs and baby strollers.
D. NO pets are permitted in the pool area, except for official service dogs.
E. NO use of offensive language or gestures is permitted.
F. NO offensive T-shirts or other inappropriate attire is permitted.
G. NO physical or verbal abuse will be tolerated.
H. NO running, pushing, or rough play will be permitted in the pool area.
I. NO hanging or sitting on lane ropes is permitted.
J. NO dive sticks or water spraying devices are permitted in the 12 foot section.
K. NO floatation support devices in the 12 foot section.
L. NO floatation devices larger than a standard life saver ring.
M. NO rough house (excessive splashing/cannonballs etc.) in front of life guard stands.
N. NO talking to life guards that are posted on life guard stands.
O. NO diving is allowed from the side of the pool except for the Harbour Inn Pool 12 foot section.
P. NO arguing with life guards or staff.


Main Pool Area: The following rules will be observed in the main pool area.
A. Dunking, splashing and either standing or sitting on another's shoulders is not permitted
B. Somersaults, jumping in backwards, playing on pool ladders and/or other careless actions from the pool edge are not permitted.
C. Play equipment/water toys, with the exception of Nerf ball, are limited to the roped-off shallow end. Lifeguards may request that all play equipment be removed from the pool on crowded days if deemed a safety issue.
D. Children using permissible floating devices (i.e. water wings or USCG approved life vests) must be accompanied in the water (sitting on the pool edge qualifies as in the water) by an adult and be in arms reach at all times. The pool manager and lifeguards reserve the right to determine the use of any flotation equipment properly and safely.
E. All persons must stay clear of guard stand at all times.
F. Coolers are permitted on the pool deck but are required to be no larger than 15”x25” or 48 quarts. Wading/Baby Pool Area:
A. Swim privileges are limited to children under 48 inches tall. This provides safety for the small children using the pool.
B. Children not yet toilet trained are encouraged to use the wading/baby pool rather than the main pool. Babies/toddlers must wear cloth diapers with rubber pants or specifically designed swim diapers. Disposable diapers are not allowed. Parents failing to properly attire their children who are not yet toilet trained can be asked to leave.
C. Pool gate must remain closed at all times.
D. Playthings must be limited to small floating and unbreakable items.
Lap Lanes:
A. Lap Lanes are for the use of lap swimmers only.
B. Swimming over or across lap lanes is not permitted.


General: These rules have been developed for the safe operation of the pool in the best interest of all members. If members feel that the pool is not being operated in the best interest of the members, discuss the situation with the pool manager, or contact the general manager at the business office. Offenders of pool rules may lose pool privileges for the day or for the season with no refund provided at the discretion of the General Manager.
A. Violations will generally first be met with a warning provided the behavior is general rather than severe.
B. A second warning regarding the same issue on the same day MAY be given at the discretion of the life guard.
C. Any violation of the pool rules may result in temporary expulsion from the pool for the day. If the situation warrants, the violator may lose their pool privileges for the season at the discretion of the general manager. D. Any person deliberately damaging pool furniture or the pool structure, posing a serious safety hazard or committing an illegal act will be automatically suspended. In the event of an illegal act, Aquia Harbour Police will be called immediately.


Guests are permitted at a cost of $3 per day for members who hold an annual pool membership. Active residents who do not hold an annual membership are permitted at a cost of $5 per day and non-residents and inactive members must purchase a day pass at a cost of $7 per day at the Pro Shop, Business Office or Marina Ship Store We no longer use punch-passes. The charge for guests has been reduced to $3 per guest, per visit and will be added to your membership account by the lifeguards. Those members with courtesy guest passes will have them added to their account where the lifeguards can see them.


A. Swim Team practice is authorized at the Country Club Pool 204 Bow Cove Mon-Fri 7 a. m. – Noon weekdays.
B. A full AH Dolphins membership roster is to be provided to the Business Office prior to May 25, 2019.
C. AH Dolphins assume all liability and risk while in control of the pool.
D. AH Dolphins agree to provide bathroom chaperones for all swim meets.
E. Coaches and assistant-coaches only are permitted in the guard shack.
F. AH Dolphins agree not to agree to swim meets on Board Meeting nights (4th Wed).
G. AH Dolphins agree to leave the restrooms/bath houses and pool deck in the condition under which they began.
H. AH Police agrees to provide parking assistance during home swim meets.
I. AH Dolphins agree to email George White, Chief Thompson & the GM and the pool manager the Monday before swim meets.
J. Guards are scheduled for swim meets, time trials and the end of the year party.
K. Daily walk through of the bathrooms and office as we turn the facility over from the swim team to the life guards are required. or View attachment Pool Rules 2019.pdf

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