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Chapter XV - Woodstock Garden Club

Oct 3, 2013
Chapter XV - Woodstock Garden Club
  • Chapter XV
    "Woodstock Garden Club"

    The Garden Club was organized in l978 with By-Laws and Constitution written in l980. Membership in the early years ranged from 18 to 36. It was named Woodstock Garden Club in1986 and federated in 1987 in the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs. Their affiliation was later changed to the National Capital Area of Garden Clubs. The Woodstock name comes from George Brent's "Woodstock" plantation encompassing the land now comprising the Aquia Harbour development. The Brents received the land through a grant from James II in 1697.

    Founding members were Fran Gometz, Deanna Andrews and Betty Harold.
    The community has benefited greatly from the efforts of Garden Club members through their love of gardening, landscaping and in providing an avenue for members to show their skills in flower growing and arranging. Their efforts have been recognized with a Regional Award and a State Award for landscaping the Cancer Center in Fredericksburg in memory of a member. They landscaped the new Stafford Post Office in 1996.
    Early projects were plant sales in the Spring at the Information Center and the sale of greens and other items at a Christmas Bazaar.
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