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Apr 18, 2019

    The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is appointed pursuant to paragraph 2b of the current Restrictions and Covenants for the Aquia Harbour Subdivision and is specifically charged with the responsibilities of assuring compliance with the provisions of the Restrictions and Covenants as they may apply to all new Construction.

    The Code Violation Officer (CVO) will monitor new Construction, additions, and exterior alterations within the Aquia Harbour Subdivision. In the performance of his or her duties, the CVO is responsible for visiting all sites on which Construction is in progress. Violation of the Aquia Harbour Subdivision Restrictive Covenants and/or Aquia Harbour Construction Procedures will be reported, in writing, to the General Manager. In response, the General Manager or Code Violation Officer will initiate the necessary letter apprising the contractor/owner of the Violation. The CVO, or his representative, is permitted to enter properties for purposes above by agreement of owners, contractor or others as part of the AHPOA Construction permit issuance.

    The ACC is not responsible for any plans or contract agreements between parties building within Aquia Harbour. The CVO in cooperation with the ACC will monitor the Construction site during the Construction period to ensure that the building or structures being erected meet all requirements as indicated by plans submitted to the Committee for approval.

    In addition to routine observation, the CVO shall each month visit each site on which a new house is under Construction and record the findings. An individual written report will be prepared for each house. The report will reflect the stage of completion; violations, if any, identified during the visit; violations, if any, pending corrective action or referred to the Legal Compliance Committee and/or BOD; and any additional information that should be brought to the attention of the ACC. The signed and dated report will be forwarded to the ACC via the General Manager. The General Manager will ensure that the report is available for the next ACC meeting.

    The ACC will meet each Wednesday afternoon at 5:00 P.M. to review all plans received during the period since the previous meeting. A final decision will be made during this meeting on all plans on hand, unless additional information is required. Interested parties and residents of Aquia Harbour are invited to be present during this meeting. Paragraph 2(d) of the Restrictions Aquia Harbour Subdivision, allows thirty (30) days to act on any submitted plans.

    Contractors building houses in Aquia Harbour shall, from the onset, inform prospective buyers that all property owners in Aquia Harbour are subject to all existing Restrictions and Covenants which form a part of all Aquia Harbour deeds, all Stafford County Zoning Ordinances and all of the procedures incorporated in these Construction Procedures as may be related to out buildings, fences, landscaping, signs, upkeep of property, animal and livestock, utility easements and all the By Laws, Regulations and Resolutions promulgated by the Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association (AHPOA).

    These Construction Maintenance Procedures shall apply to all property owners, all contractors working on property within Aquia Harbour and the AHPOA and its maintenance staff working on AHPOA property.

    Easements and Adjacent Common Property

    1. There is an area of common property (property that is owned by the Association) between Aquia Harbour roadways and lot property lines (typically a 60 right of way along roadways, including ditches and roadside parking pads), and in some areas common property is otherwise adjacent, being behind or alongside some lots. Structures, landscaping, trees and shrubs may not be placed in this common area without AHPOA approval. Particularly, plantings must be avoided that obstruct views of approaching traffic on the roads, or that could interfere with snow removal.

    Any lot owner who desires to make use of common property should apply to the ACC for a permit to do so.

    2. There are easements inside all lot property lines to permit access for utility maintenance. Easements are 15 feet on the front, and 10 feet on the sides and rear of lots.

    Any Construction in the easement areas should be moveable, and if necessary must be moved by the property owner, and at the property owner’s expense.
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