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Resolution - Fee (Initiation)

Sep 24, 2019
Resolution - Fee (Initiation)

    By a unanimous vote, the board approved a motion to accept the following:

    When a current member in good standing of the association purchases an additional Lot in Aquia Harbour for the purposes of relocating to and occupying the new Lot as their primary residence, the initiation fee is waived for the newly purchased lot. The Lot or Lots no longer occupied by this member of the association will be treated each following Aquia Harbour fiscal year as a rental property for the purposes of collecting initiation fees. When a Lot is purchased by an individual for the purpose of primary occupancy within one calendar year of the time that member left the association as a member in good standing, the initiation fee shall be waived. Primary occupancy is defined as the one Lot address that serves as the member's legal residence in Aquia Harbour. Real Estate Relocation Providers holding a lot between Members shall not pay the membership initiation fee nor will any access to amenities and community services be provided.

    This is to be effective April 1, 2007.
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