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Resolution - Trash

Sep 11, 2015
Resolution - Trash
    Adopted by the Board of Directors on August 13, 2014.
    WHEREAS: The Association is charged with the responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the roadways and various areas reserved for use by the property owners, and,

    WHEREAS: The Association desires to promote the health, safety, and welfare of all lot owners, and,

    WHEREAS: The Association has concluded that it is in the best interest of the Association to regulate the collection of refuse in Aquia Harbour by entering into a contract with a single company.

    BE IT RESOLVED: (1) The Board of Directors authorizes the General Manager to enter into a trash removal contract for the entire community, residences and common areas; (2) The Contract will be between AHPOA and contractor; (3) Trash removal service will be provided to all AHPOA residents who are active members except those who have opted out of the trash removal service prior to the date of this Resolution; (4) Any resident who previously opted out then elects to begin receiving trash removal service may not revert back to op‑out status; (5) AHPOA will assess each property owner who has not previously opted out of the
    Trash Service a monthly fee, to be collected quarterly; (6) Residents who have opted out of the Trash Service must remove and legally dispose of their own refuse outside Aquia Harbour and are not allowed to privately contract with any trash removal service; (7) Undeveloped lots shall not be charged the Trash Service fee until such time they become developed, with no opt-out authorized at that time.
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