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Resolution - Website

May 18, 2013
Resolution - Website
    (Association’s Internet Website)​

    WHEREAS, pursuant to Article VI, Section I of the Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association, Inc.’s (“Association”) Bylaws, the Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Association; and

    WHEREAS, the Board shall register and maintain the domain names aquiaharbour.org, aquiaharbour.net and aquiaharbour.com to properly provide an internet presence to the association through the cognizant internet domain registry.

    WHEREAS, the Board believes it is in the best interest of the Association to establish a policy for the Association's website:


    1) The Board will use and maintain the website for the purpose of disseminating “overview” information about the Association to the membership, residents, and general public. This information may include, but is not limited to:
    a) A copy of the Association's Restrictions and Covenants, Bylaws, approved meeting minutes and any additional rules, regulations or restrictions deemed appropriate and useful by the Board;
    b) Contact information (name, address, and telephone number) for the Association’s representative who handles the official communications for the Association, as well as an e-mail address for unofficial correspondence.
    c) Descriptions of the Association’s property, surrounding neighborhoods, and other material deemed appropriate to market the Association to prospective owners, residents, and realtors.
    d) Dates of upcoming Board and Association meetings and community events;
    e) Any other information deemed relevant and useful to t[color=][/color]he residents and members by the Board.

    2) The Board shall have the sole authority to approve or disapprove the information posted on the publicly accessible areas of the Association's website; however, the Board may delegate this authority to an individual(s), who would then be responsible for maintaining and updating the information on the website in accordance with the Board's general standards.

    3) At its sole option, the Board may implement a members-only area on the Association's website or an affiliated website. The members-only area would be for the purpose of listing information not available to the general public and deemed by the Board to be necessarily restricted to[color=][/color] the membership. The Association would control and restrict access to the members-only area through a registration process which required members to use registered usernames and passwords.

    4) If the Board establishes a bulletin board, or interactive group in the members-only section of the Association's website, members may post messages on the bulletin board without obtaining prior Board approval for such message, provided that the member acknowledges and accepts the Association's disclaimer of responsibility for the content of the messages posted by registered members.
    a) No participant or user of the Website's interactive sections, either by bulletin board, or other group page has the right to use the pages and the website, except in conformance with all rules and regulations adopted by the Association's Board.
    b) At no time shall any user express their opinions in any manner which is intended to cause harm, ridicule or demean any other member of the community, person, or website participant, nor shall any profane, obscene or malicious language be used while communicating in or on the Website, its bulletin board, blog or interactive group(s).
    c) Misuse of the Website for other than community related purposes, or violations of any of the rules and regulations as adopted by the Association's Board of Directors shall result first in the removal of all offensive material from the website, without notice or warning to the provider or party posting such material(s), and should a second violation occur, may result in rescission of that party's access to use the website.
    d) Recurrence of a violation after having a posting removed from the website will result in the referral of the violation to the Legal Compliance Committee for appropriate disposition.
    e) No advertising allowed on the bulletin board, or interactive group in the members only section of the Association's website

    5) At its sole option, the Board may include links on the Association's website to other websites for the purpose of providing information pertaining to governmental and community¬- based services that may be of interest to Association residents. The Board shall disclaim any responsibility for the content of any such "linked" website, and the Board shall not endorse, guarantee or warrant any information, product or services described on any website accessed through a link from the Association's website.

    6) At its sole discretion, the Board may choose to allow advertising on the Association's website to defray the costs of the creation and maintenance of the website. If the Board does choose to allow such advertising, the Board shall include a disclaimer on the website which states that the Association does not endorse, guarantee or warrant any information, product or service advertised on the website. The Board shall retain all responsibility and power for the decision to allow advertising on the website. Such responsibility and power shall not be delegable.

    7) The Board shall require that operational procedures be drafted and maintained in a state of currency.
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