AHPOA Compliance Violation Officer
(CVO) Compliance List 

Thank you for reviewing the Aquia Harbour CVO Compliance List. We appreciate your efforts to keep your lot, Home and our neighborhood looking great.

AHPOA is Non-Stock Corporation and a not for profit 501C. As a member of this Association, you have agreed by way of our Bylaws, Restrictions & Covenants and Construction Maintenance to certain rules, standards and making your contribution to the greater good in the interest of our community.

In general, lots are expected to be kept “tidy” (neat and in order). Because this can be a subjective standard, the AHPOA has provided some guidance regarding what is expected by our Board of Directors. If your lot is found to be in violation, the CVO will send a friendly letter, email or phone call indicating that you have a specific issue in need of attention. If the problem is not corrected within a certain period of time the CVO will send a more official letter. If it is still not corrected or a dialog has not been established about when it will be corrected it will be forwarded to the LCC – Legal Compliance Committee for action and assessments that can start at $10 per day and add up quickly. Please contact the CVO if you receive notice of a violation so that we can work out a solution together before it rises to the level of the LCC or feel free to contact me directly if you have an argument for why you should not have received a warning.

The numbers and letters indicate where the supporting documentation lies for each violation. CMP (Construction & Maintenance Procedures) or RC (Restrictions & Covenants). Much of it is covered generally under “untidy lot” RC 4.d

The biggest frustration for residents is “fairness”. When other properties appear to have the same issue, residents may feel they are being treated unfairly. In almost all cases those lot owners too have received a letter and are in the process of either compliance, being forwarded to the LCC for evaluation and assessment, are already under assessment or have extenuating circumstances and have applied for consideration.

This of course does not include every scenario but will give you a good idea of what the AHPOA is expecting from you to keep our neighborhood the best it can be.


AHPOA Board Approved CVO Guidance

ACC Architectural Control Committee. Any and all improvements must be approved including color schemes, remodeling, alterations and additions. ACC meets weekly, except for in November, December and January. All decisions are final. RC 2.a.e

Behavior No noxious, illegal or offensive activities permitted which become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. RC 4.a

Brush piles lying on a lot (Brush- tree limbs, grass clippings). RC 4.d

Buses (carries more than 7 passengers)may NOT be stored in a manner that is visible on any lot or any private roadway in the subdivision. (This does not include vehicles of regular use.) RC 4.d

Chickens No animals, fowl or livestock except a reasonable number of household pets.RC 4.b

CMP Construction & Maintenance Procedures. https://aquiaharbour.org/resources/governing-documents/construction-maintenance-procedures/

Culvert damaged or blocked by debris (grass, weeds, leaves, soil, trash) or a collapsed driveway. CMP 4.2.a

Ditches All maintenance and repair of entrance ways, culverts and ditches shall be the sole responsibility of the lot owner. (Including the clearing of leaves, weeds, clearing and grass maintenance including proper drainage.) CMP 4.2.g.2.a.c

Driveways Driveway has vegetation growing in it or potholes. RC 4.d

Easement AHPOA rights reserved 15 feet from edge of road, 10 feet along the side and back for utility work, tree/brush cutting, trimming or removal.RC 6.a

Exterior wall(s) of any structure in need of cleaning (Cleaning- removal of dirt, mold, algae, moss, rust)
RC 4.d

Fencing Side and back 6’. Front 4’ and open Construction. Both require ACC approval. CMP 4.2.g.2.h

Grass – Overgrown yards e.g. tall grass or prominent weeds (taller than 6 inches). RC 4.d

Gutters Vegetation growing on or in gutters (Plants, trees, moss, algae, mold) or gutters detached or semi-detached from structure. RC 4.d

Headwall All new Construction or alteration of culvert or headwall must receive prior approval by the ACC and adhere to CMP guidelines. CMP 4.g

Leaves in ditch or yard (rake and remove leaves from their yard to include the ditch in front of their house) RC 4.d

Mailboxes Should be erect, secure mail door and not be held together with tape or bungee cords.RC 4.d

Modifications Unapproved e.g. shed, fences etc. (items added since the house was originally built without permission of AHPOA via the ACC). RC 2.a

Outhouse No outside toilet permitted on lot.RC 8

Other The dreaded OTHER. Not all violations can be identified in these two pages so occasionally there will be violation notices for OTHER. In general, we all want our neighborhood to be a source of pride and value and this means properties don’t have to be perfect but they in general they do need to be neat, clean and orderly.

Porch, Driveway & Yard Items should not be left on porch, yard or driveway but should be stored out of sight. Items include: broken furniture, tires, trash, bags of yard waste, broken flowerpots, appliances, barbecues, misc. discarded household items, etc. RC 4.d.e

Pools Any water feature with a depth greater than 24” must be properly safeguarded from access. CMP 4.2.g.2.k

RC AHPOA Restrictions & Covenants. RC Available at aquiaharbour.org

Signs Unapproved signs on property – not approved by the AHPOA business office. RC 4.c Exception – political signs which can go up 30 days before an election and must be removed 5 days after an election.

Structural maintenance/damage e.g. doors, garage doors, porches, handrails, shutters, gutters, lattice, steps, fences, headwalls, windows, retaining walls, sheds, detached garages siding, shingles (roof material), rotten wood, etc. Maintenance – in need of painting/staining, cleaning, or repair (nonoperational or broken)

Temporary storage units e.g. POD’s (Storage units) ACC approval is required for temporary storage. CMP 11

Vehicle Condition (includes passenger vehicles, boats, trailers, jet skis, RV’s, ) No stripped down, partially wrecked or junk motor vehicle or sizable piece thereof. (Tattered, torn, or dirty cover, flat tires, moss, mold, excessive rust or algae). RC 4.d

Vehicle Placement (includes passenger vehicles, boats, trailers, jet skis, RV’s). Occasionally the impact of parking issues can be influenced by a lot size, elevation or foliage, or property borders but in general, vehicles should only be parked on driveways, approved driveway extensions or approved parking pads. If parked in the backyard vehicles should be as out of sight from the road as possible (geographically or by car cover) and should not exceed three vehicles. If parked on the side of the house they should not be any further forward than the front plane of the house. Corner lots have an additional road front obligation as do lots that border the golf course and marina. Front yards (the area in between and bordering the driveway & front door) should be never be used for parking or will be deemed in violation of the “tidy lot” requirement. RC 4.d