Welcome to Aquia Harbour! The purpose of this page is to help guide you through our registration process.


As a new resident, here are the items that we will need from you:

1.  A copy of your closing documents or signed lease

2.  Completed Membership Registration form Download Member Registration Form

3.  Completed Members Responsibilities Acknowledgement form Download Members Responsibilities Acknowledgement Form– if you are a property owner


Property owners may sign up to have their monthly dues automatically debited from their bank account (AHPOA administered ACH/direct debit). If you would like to sign up for this program we will need a completed ACH authorization form plus a voided check Download Authorization for ACH Withdrawal Form


All documents can be submitted to us via a number of different means:

1.  In-person to our office (1221 Washington Drive)

2.  Deposited in the lock box on the outside of our building

3.  Mailed to AHPOA, 1221 Washington Drive, Stafford, VA  22554

4.  Faxed to 540-659-0730

5.  Emailed to memberservices@aquiaharbour.org


On receipt of the required forms and ACH form, if you are participating, and verification that your initiation (move in) fee, $2,500.00 for property owners and $1,200.00 for tenants, has been paid or is coming from closing we will issue:

1.  AHPOA membership cards

2.  Vehicle RFIDs (decals) – required for access through the front gate using the resident lane and for all access through the back gate

3.  Free coupons for the golf course and pools

4.  Activation code and instructions for our online visitor management system, Gate Sentry

If not registering in-person, you will be notified via email when your membership cards, RFIDs, etc. are ready for pick up.


If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact us either by phone at 540-659-3050 or by email at memberservices@aquiaharbour.org or refer to our Welcome Packet which is full of useful information New Resident Welcome Packet.


We look forward to meeting you at one of our numerous community events throughout the year!