State of the Harbour 8-13-20

Hi Aquia Harbour! Here what’s going on…


Virginia – Virginia is still under a state of emergency and “Safer at Home” Phase III.
Masks/face covering/mask order applies to everyone 10 and over. Va. has about 104,000 cases / 9,000 Hospitalizations / 2400 deaths

Stafford County – Stafford County reporting about 1500 cases and 10 deaths.

Aquia Harbour – No large-scale outbreaks in the community (that we are aware of). No employees positive. Business Office continues to operate remotely and the Pro-Shop continues to operate outdoors.

WOMEN’S CLUB BIRDHOUSE – Drive by and pick up your bird house kit courtesy of AHWC this Saturday 8/15 Harbour Inn Parking Lot. Thank you, Women’s Club! More info at

BOY SCOUTS FOOD DRIVE – On Saturday, 8/22, Boy Scout Troop 242 will be at Aquia, Briar Patch, Friendship, Lions, Peace, and Rudolph Parks from 9–12. We are asking neighbors to bring unopened, unexpired, non-perishable items for us to donate to folks in Stafford in need. This is part of a larger effort involving many Scout units in the area. Thank you, Boy Scouts and generous residents!

BOARD MEETINGS – Electronic Board Meetings this month Wed 8/19 and Wed 8/26. Want an invite to the electronic meeting? Send your email and lot info to
SHRED EVENT – Saturday Sept 12th AQUIA PARK (originally Briarpatch). 9-12. Free to residents. Two boxes per car. Thank you Aquia Harbour Police!

HEC YARD SALE – Mark your calendar for the Harbour Events Club Yard Sale at Briarpatch Park Sept 12th. More info coming soon.

PARK ANYWHERE? – Uh negative Ghost Rider the pattern is full. There are a lot of places to park in our wonderful community but its NOT okay to park your car, boat, trailer or RV in our parks, parking lots or common property for extended periods. Many are residents who applied for and were granted a temporary parking permit they were having a driveway refinished or guests for the weekend and that’s okay. Cars can park up to 72 hours without a permit but everything else can be towed. We so do not want to do that to you so please – get’r moved.

SOLICITOR – New resident? Your name is on a public settlement list at the courthouse so don’t be surprised if you are getting calls or door knockers. We can’t help you with the calls but there is no soliciting in Aquia Harbour (exceptions include kids, church peeps, political peeps – County rules) but we can help with regular solicitors. If you get one at your door please call the police at 540-659-5224. Many make an appointment with one resident and then fan out – not okay. Let us know when they are in here and they’ll be voted off the island… by the AHPD.

Have a great weekend!

Patricia Harman, AHGM