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3/30/20 - Governor Stay at Home Order

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Office, Mar 31, 2020.

  • by Office, Mar 31, 2020 at 10:37 AM
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    Dear Residents,

    Today Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued a mandatory STAY AT HOME order for all Virginians. Exceptions include: Necessary food, supplies, medical care, work and exercise.

    Want to help? VAMRC.ORG The Virginia Medical Corps

    Enforcement? Excellent question. The Governor indicated in his announcement that he is less interested in enforcement and is “hoping for compliance” from Virginians. Most folks, thankfully, will be compliant. First responders are dealing with enough. But… because I knew you’d want to know… Nothing has really changed from his first notification - those in violation could be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor under executive orders 51, 53 and 55. A Class 1 misdemeanor is punishable by up to $2,500 fine and/or 12 months in jail. These orders are lawful and constitutional under a state of emergency and have been in place since mid-March. (currently scheduled to continue through June 10th) https://www.governor.virginia.gov/m...Order-Due-to-Novel-Coronavirus-(COVID-19).pdf

    There are lots of exemptions so there is no need to sound the hue and cry if you see people coming and going. People will continue to come and go. Please do your very best to follow the Stay-At-Home order and remain in your house and on your own property. If everyone does that, the scientist and doctors say that this virus WILL be impacted. Let’s do that.

    What does this mean for Aquia Harbour?

    Essential services - We are taking every precaution we can with our employees and we thank them for remaining on the front line for the community. These essential services include 60% of our workforce:

    Public Safety – Our public safety employees Police/Gate Staff will remain at full strength.

    Marina – The Marina will keep reduced hours, operating on Saturday and Sunday only and respecting the 10 or less gathering mandate and 6’ of distance.

    Maintenance, Roads and Grounds – On call in as needed.

    Barn – Essential for the care of our full board animals.

    Other impacts:

    The Business Office will continue to run full time remotely. Periodic visits to the Business Office by staff are being scheduled as needed to minimize exposure. Your patience is appreciated as we try to navigate the start of the fiscal year (April 1) remotely.

    Playgrounds – Some of you wanted this done two weeks ago... some of you are going to want to rip into me like a monkey on a cupcake, but here we are. With the Governor’s order today, I have consulted with the Board of Directors and have determined that closing Aquia Harbour playgrounds and basketball courts for now is the best action to take in the interest of community safety at this time. Parks and trails to include the golf cart path will remain open for now, HOWEVER, the 6’ of distance and no groups over 10 is critical to containing the spread, particularly for our elderly. If you are walking on a trail and are going to pass someone or you plan to walk with someone outside your immediate family – 6’ distance should be maintained at all times.

    Golf – Golf falls under the exercise exemption. The course is open, the Pro Shop is not. No groups of more than 10 and a minimum distance of 6’ between players.

    Fishing, boating, kayaking – Falls under the exercise exemption. No groups of more than 10 and a minimum distance of 6’.

    Clubhouse – The Clubhouse Restaurant delivery & curbside service is exempt and is going to stay active to try to keep the business afloat. Please patronize this service if/when you can.

    Pantry – The food pantry at the Harbour Inn meets the essential criteria and will remain open from 9a-5p Mon-Fri. If you have items to share, thank you for your generosity. If you are an Aquia Harbour resident and need something from the pantry, come and get it, just be sure to sanitize your hands before and after and wipe down the items when you get home.

    Your Children – This must be just awful for young people, especially teens but this is our reality right now and it falls to parents to see that it is done. Isolated or family-only exercise including trails, parks, golfing and fishing. Other than that, minors should be in your house or in your yard. Playgrounds and basketball courts are closed. Some parents have argued that it is only their own family’s health they risk when they allow their kids to go out or invite over guests and groups but it’s not. With every new COVID19 case and the dangers of spreading that come with it, our health care workers risks increase. This is going to be hard, but its not forever. Please enforce the stay-at-home order in your homes.


    Current Numbers for Virginia: 12,038 Virginians Tested – 1,020 Positive – 136 Hospitalizations, Total Deaths 25. Virginia has 16,000 hospital beds and 2,000 ICU beds. http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/

    https://newsela.com/ - Free access (Newsela - one of numerous distance learning sites) to their entire product suite of current event passages, social studies, science for readers

    Great 10 min video on understanding COIVD-19. Dr. David Price’s Empowering Talk with Friends and Family

    What should I be doing?

    I can’t touch my face, like, ever?

    Can someone just tell me what the case fatality rate is?

    The National Guard is being called up – is this Martial Law?

    How do epidemics end?

    There are lot of really good reasons to be hopeful. The scientific and medical community is working around the clock to get a handle on this and we know so much more about this virus than we did just a few weeks ago. As a community, let’s do our part to slow the spread and protect our first responders and each other. To those residents who are out there on the front lines – we have A LOT of those people in Aquia Harbour – thank you for what your doing for the rest of us. We are forever in your debt.

    Patricia Harman, AHGM

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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Office, Mar 31, 2020.

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