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GM Notes 1-15-20

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jan 16, 2020.

  • by Patricia Harman, Jan 16, 2020 at 6:01 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes

    Board Work Session


    Open 30 – For purposes of the incoming budget an Open 30 was created for this work session. One person signed up but did not show (he did however submit an email to the Board).


    Holidays - The GM reviewed the many holiday events in December including the Christmas Tree Lighting, Blue Santa, where residents donated items for a local shelter, the Women’s Club Kids Party, Seniors and Singles holiday party, Breakfast w/Santa, The Lions Special Needs holiday party, Motorcycle Santa and Christmas Lights Contest. Congrats to our contest winners: The Lee, Lingren and McClutchy families in Sec I. The Saunders, Schmuff and Diggers families in Section II. The Cross, Ashley and Flanagan families in Section III. Thank to EVERYONE who made all these wonderful events possible.

    Showcase House of the Month: 2040 Coast Guard Drive (O) Rohler / (T) Ramos families.

    CVO – Bryant Blackburn was hired away. The job lines up with his newly acquired degree and we are very excited for him. Many excellent candidates applied for the position and we hope to make a selection early next week.

    Ford’s Colony – The GM discussed the Ford’s Colony comparison and report that was shared with the residents.

    RFID – The arm is being used nightly from 10p to 5a, the sharper speed hump has been replaced with softer/wider speed hump (The hump is still considered temporary. As we proceed with full activation, if the hump is not needed to control speed it will either be replaced with a very low-profile speed plate or removed all together). Reads are up but we are also getting random double reads – this will be addressed when the new reader is installed at the end of the month. Word is that social media isn’t happy but we are getting a lot of positive feedback by phone and email from residents encouraging us to stay the course. The night time arm is unequivocally and measurably impacting security, dues compliance and the use of Gate Sentry.

    Follow Up – The new backhoe is in, resulting in a smile from our enigmatic Wes Riley (I thought a Wes Riley smile was an urban myth!). The frog tongue for the kiddy pool at the HI Pool has been ordered and should be here by mid-May.

    Jack Cavalier – A reception is planned at the January 22nd Board Meeting at the Country Club for our beloved Jack Cavalier and his family. There will be refreshments, speeches, a video program and cake! Please come and help us celebrate this devoted public servant.

    Dredging ADHOC – A charter is being prepared for this ADHOC committee that will include the GM, Marina manager, two directors and two residents.

    HVAC Yacht Club – Three proposals were presented for replacement of the 20+ year HVAC system that is no longer in service. An auxiliary unit is being used in mean time.

    FY21 Budget Proposal - Thank you to the Finance Committee and to Staff for their extensive work on FY21 Budget. Both the committee and staff recommended a 3.2% increase ($3.50 per month) which would make our average adjustment over ten years 2.12%. No amenity fee increases were recommended for FY21. The Directors spoke at length about want vs. need, residents who subsist on fixed incomes and the “leanness” of the proposed budget. They also had questions about specific line items which were answered by staff. The budget will be voted on at the Regular Board Meeting on 1/22/20. Once passed it will go into effect April 1, 2020.

    Votes: Potential votes for the regular board meeting include:

    1) FY21 Budget

    2) Golf Tournament Schedule

    3) HVAC Replacement for the Yacht Club

    4) ADHOC Dredging Committee

    5) LCC Appointment Correction

    Community Calendar

    TONIGHT! Thu Home Owners Winter Workshop – Harbour Inn – 7:00

    1/22/20 Wed Board Meeting / Reception for Jack Cavalier / 7:00 / Country Club

    1/24/20 Fri Texas Hold’em Poker Night / Harbour Inn / 7:00

    2/1/20 Sat Mike Unruh Home Seller Workshop / /Harbour Inn 11a-5p

    2/2/20 Sun Superbowl

    2/6/20 Thu Harbour Events Club Board Game Night / Harbour Inn / 6-9p

    2/8/20 Sat Sunset Over India Murder Mystery $35 HEC-TRT@yahoo.com/ Country Club

    2/12/20 Wed Seniors & Singles Dinner / Country Club / 6:30p

    2/14/20 Fri Valentines Dinner Reservations clubhouseaquia@aol.com

    2/15/20 Sat Valentines Daddy/Daughter Dance / Country Club (more info soon)

    2/19/20 Wed Board Work Session / Business Office / 7:00

    2/21/20 Fri Texas Hold’em Poker Night / Harbour Inn / 7:00

    2/22/20 Sat Girl Scout Cookie Sales Briarpatch Pavilion 9a – 4p

    2/26/20 Wed Regular Board Meeting / Country Club / 7:00

    3/7/20 Sat Monte Carlo Night – Harbour Inn

    3/18/20 Wed Work Session / Business Office / 7:00

    3/20/20 Fri Texas Hold’em Poker Night / Harbour Inn / 7:00

    3/25/20 WED Regular Board Meeting / Country Club / 7:00

    Harbour Inn Exercise Classes

    Instructor Casey Bonds casey.bonds@gmail.com

    Mon & Wed 5:30p 6:45p Strength Training $

    Instructor terryhudson413@gmail.com

    Tue & Thu 9:00a and 10:30a Yoga $ (no yoga classes again until Feb)
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jan 16, 2020.

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