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GM Notes 1-22-20 FY21 Budget & Jack Cavalier Reception

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jan 23, 2020.

  • by Patricia Harman, Jan 23, 2020 at 5:15 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    Aquia Harbour Resident Distribution List

    GM Notes
    Regular Board Meeting

    Jack Cavalier Thank You Reception – Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Jack Cavalier and his family. Mr. Cavalier has served this community and the County for almost 30 years.

    Open 30 – No speakers at the meeting for Open 30.

    Directors Comments
    – Several directors thanked the crowd for the great turn out for Mr. Cavalier’s reception. Numerous directors asked of residents to please refrain from trying to fix the neighborhood on social media, inviting residents instead to speak about community issues with the Board or staff and their ideas to address them. Praise for the staff and the Finance Committee for their work on the budget submission. The 400-line item budget is very detailed and a lot of difficult decisions had to be made to keep the dues increase to a minimum. Thank you to the Chief and Gate Staff for continuing to work to improve on the Board RFID mandate that has been very challenging to implement. A reminder that Texas Hold’em Poker night is this Friday 1/24/20 at the Harbour Inn at 7:00.

    Committee Reports
    – Green Aquia invited all to attend their March 11th meeting at the Country Club at 6:00p for recycling do’s and don’ts. The Harbour Events Club invited all to attend the monthly Board Game night at the Harbour Inn on Thursday Feb 6th from 6-9p.

    Treasurers Report
    - $4,453,000 on deposit. 67 payment plans. 58 files with the attorney.

    Showcase House of the Month
    – 2040 Coastguard Drive. Thank you to the Rohler Family and their tenants the Ramos Family for making our neighborhood so beautiful.

    GM Report
    - The new CVO is Mr. John Frank. You may know him from around the neighborhood or the Country Club. Welcome John! Well done George White, Clubhouse Restaurant business is up 16% and the restaurant served over 19,000 people last year. Waiting for the new upgraded RFID reader for the front gate. New backhoe purchased and in service.

    – FY21 budget passed/adopted and goes into effect April 1, 2020. An increase of 3.2% / $3.50 per month. Annual dues will be $1,596 and are due on April 1st. Residents who choose to pay monthly ($133) or quarterly ($399) are responsible for paying on time with or without a statement. Those who pay in full or set up auto payment (ACH) with the front office on or before April 1st will not be charged the annual $40 administration fee (an ACH form will accompany the annual mailing at the end of February to all residents). HVAC replacement for Yacht Club passed. 2020 Golf Tournament schedule approved. Riparian Resources Committee established.

    Community Calendar
    1/24/20 Fri Texas Hold’em Poker Night / Harbour Inn / 7:00

    2/1/20 Sat Mike Unruh Home Seller Workshop / /Harbour Inn 11a-5p

    2/6/20 Thu Harbour Events Club Board Game Night / Harbour Inn / 6-9p

    2/8/20 Sat Sunset Over India Murder Mystery $35 HEC-TRT@yahoo.com/ Country Club

    2/12/20 Wed Seniors & Singles Dinner / Country Club / 6:30p

    2/14/20 Fri Valentines Dinner Reservations clubhouseaquia@aol.com (menu attached)

    2/15/20 Sat Valentines Daddy/Daughter Dance / Country Club clubhouseaquia@aol.com

    2/19/20 Wed Board Work Session / Business Office / 7:00

    2/21/20 Fri Texas Hold’em Poker Night / Harbour Inn / 7:00

    2/22/20 Sat Girl Scout Cookie Sales Briarpatch Pavilion 9a – 4p

    2/26/20 Wed Regular Board Meeting / Country Club / 7:00

    3/7/20 Sat Monte Carlo Night – Harbour Inn

    3/11/20 Wed Green Aquia Recycle Do’s and Don’ts

    3/11/20 Wed Community Garden Meeting / Country Club / 7:00

    3/18/20 Wed Work Session / Business Office / 7:00

    3/20/20 Fri Texas Hold’em Poker Night / Harbour Inn / 7:00

    3/25/20 WED Regular Board Meeting / Country Club / 7:00

    Aquia Harbour’s Community Garden
    Are you interested in gardening, but lack the space or the light conditions at your home? Aquia Harbour’s Community Garden, located on Potomac Drive, has open plots and partial plots that you can rent for the year at a very affordable rate. We are having an informational meeting on March 11th, at 7pm, downstairs at the Aquia Harbour Country Club. We are a friendly, knowledgeable group that look forward to meeting you! If you have questions prior to this informational meeting, email Aimee Froling at quatsch1@comcast.net.

    Harbour Inn Exercise Classes

    Instructor Casey Bonds casey.bonds@gmail.com
    Mon & Wed 5:30p and 6:45p Strength Training $

    Instructor terryhudson413@gmail.com (Feb)
    Tue & Thu 9:00a and 10:30a Yoga $
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jan 23, 2020.

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