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GM Notes Annual Meeting & Election Results

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    Annual Meeting
    GM Notes

    2016 – 2017 AHPOA Highlights
    The past year has been a busy one for Aquia Harbour. Here are just some of the many high points of the past twelve months:
    • Audit – Clean audit for FY17.
    • Barge – Purchased/built our own marina barge.
    • Briarpatch Park – New, very popular, playground installed.
    • Budget – Current (FY18) budget passed with no dues increase.
    • Community Events – Including children’s Christmas party, July 4th Extravaganza and Oktoberfest.
    • Creek – Two kayak/canoe launchers and kayak tours vendor access.
    • CVO – New Code Violation Officer checklist to match the AHPOA’s governing documents approved.
    • Dredging – 20,000 cubic yards of dredging spoils removed.
    • Dumpsters – Twice a year community dumpsters - spring and fall.
    • Front Entrance - Aquia Harbour front entrance wall cleaned up.
    • General Manager – New general manager hired on a 5 year contract.
    • Harbour Inn – Leaks and mold issues resolved and the community room upgraded.
    • Insurance and Banking – Independent evaluations completed.
    • Job Descriptions – All AHPOA employee job descriptions updated.
    • Lions Park – Bank stabilization complete, handicapped ramp reopened and split rail fence installed along the creek bank for safety.
    • Northstar Software – Purchase of a system that includes new accounting software, website that will allow online payments and an app for easy use by residents.
    • Parks - Clean up, repair and re-mulching project completed.
    • Personnel Manual – Updated.
    • Police Chief – New police chief hired on a 5 year contract.
    • Police Vehicle – New cruiser (truck) purchased.
    • RFID/Electronic Decals – RFID system installed at both the front and back gates, back gate reconstructed to allow remote operation and 9,000 new
    RFID/electronic decals distributed to residents.
    • Roads – 6 years of consecutive paving, repair and rejuvenation scheduled to bring us out of pavement failure and on to a regular schedule of maintenance.
    • Roller – New road roller purchased for Roads & Grounds.
    • Stables – Manager hired, amenity now self-sustaining and offering community services including camps and lessons.

    Annual Meeting
    The annual meeting was a very pleasant and positive experience with about 40 people in attendance. Thank you George White, for facilitating the meeting in the Clubhouse Restaurant dining room.

    The voting announcement and nominating committee election process was announced. Three nominees were named from the floor. The holders of election were sworn in and reported the quorum is established at 444 and collected votes currently exceeded 500 with today’s votes as yet to be counted.

    GM Remarks – Thanked the Board & Paula Philyaw for the support and guidance offered in the last 9 months, thanked the community for their support and patience as she learns the job, admitted to making some mistakes – but hasn’t repeated them. The annual audit is still in draft form but will be made available soon and reported that during the process auditors were very complimentary and positive about how are records are kept. Current budget in good shape – within .6% of scheduled expenditures. Believes that communication with the residents is much improved and feels that the new Northstar Global software will create a viable option for recorded meetings.

    GM Goals for next year include but are not limited to:
    • Earning her CMCA certification - Certified Manager of Community Associations
    • Reduce staffing hours where this can be done with efficiency
    • Online account management and payment for our residents
    • CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst review of investments and fiscal management
    • Interactive members-only website w/resident only portal
    • Reduce our current 5% non-compliance to 3.5% or less
    • Implementation of pay scales for employee positions
    • Reduce the fiscal impact of health care or at least find a way to stay even
    • Update the Accounting Manual to insure coordination with our bylaws & best practices
    • Continuation of the paving plan which includes paving, rejuvenation, crack fill and durapatch
    • Make the Harbour Inn a cost neutral amenity
    • Commission a new reserve study
    • Implement a 5-Year strategic plan
    • Address resident’s concerns regarding our pools
    • Impact property values through branding and marketing
    • Continue to improve neighborhood moral and sense of community spirit

    Awards – GM reported that she easily could have given out a dozen employee of the year awards given the excellent work that was done by AH Staff this year but decided that the transformation of the Stables was extraordinary and selected the Stable Manager Sandy Conlon for her efforts.

    Director Comments included:
    Acknowledgement of the two officers who received the Community Service Award for Life Saving this year. Residents were encouraged to submit any resident or staff for member for exemplary work. Highlighted high points this year included the dredging project, sunset kayak tours, numerous successful community events and praise for the President Mr. Greene and the efforts of the treasurer Don Winter. “There is no other neighborhood I would rather live in.”

    Was supposed to be on vacation but didn’t want to miss the annual meeting and especially did not want to miss the recognition of the barn manager. Said the increased quorum number is reflective of increased dues collection and praised the staff for their focus on this area. Reviewed independent goals from 2014 and cited our changing demographic from older people to young families.

    Spoke of the pride of working with the outgoing Board who were described as “some of the best people I’ve ever known”. Proud to be a steward of the community’s trust and finances and touted one of the best accomplishments of this Board as the appointment of the new GM.

    “So excited to live here”. Talked about the evident revitalization of the community. Always aware of the first impression we are making and managing the cost of looking good without breaking the bank. Want to continue to foster strong community relationships.

    Appreciate the opportunity to serve. Want to see more community cohesions, volunteerism, fundraisers for special projects and community buy in.
    5-Year-Strategic Plan – The 5 year Strategic Plan was uncovered by the Committee.
    Key points:
    • This is a frame work. A plan. A vision and a DRAFT vision at that. Even if adopted by the Board it is not attached to funding or approval. It is an annual consideration to help the community achieve our goals.
    • Residents will have 30 days to review it and then we will schedule a Town Hall to discuss it further.
    • It will be sent out Monday to email list and posted on our website for 30-day review followed by a Town Hall.
    • Some things you will like, some you wont. Just view it with an open mind and send in any comments or input. Wait until you see the RIVERWALK “dream”. It’s a want, not a need but what a vision.
    • The new financial & reserve spreadsheet created by Director Harvey will allow us to predict the impact of financial decisions today, 35 years into the future.

    Newly Elected Directors
    10/14/17 5pm
    Steven Holder
    Chip Collins
    Chris Greene

    Congratulations Gentlemen and thank you to all who are participated! 584 Votes cast - THANK YOU SO MUCH RESIDENTS! Thank you so much Nominating Committee and Vote Counters!

    2017-2018 Board of Directors in alphabetical order
    Bud Blankenship
    Chip Collins
    Shawn Desmond
    Chris Greene
    Alexis Harvey
    Steve Holder
    Katie Smith (Soon to be Katie Kitzmiller)

    Have a great weekend!

    Patricia S. Harman
    General Manager
    Aquia Harbour POA
    1221 Washington Drive
    Stafford, Va. 22554
    O) 540-659-3050
    D) 540-699-6683
    C) 703-407-6106

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